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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
20-Oct-2017Electronic properties of two-dimensional zinc oxide in hexagonal, (4,4)-tetragonal, and (4,8)-tetragonal structures by using Hybrid Functional calculationC. Supatutkul; S. Pramchu; A. P. Jaroenjittichai; Y. Laosiritaworn
20-Oct-2017Beam Dynamics Simulation of Photocathode RF Electron Gun at the PBP-CMU Linac LaboratoryK. Buakor; S. Rimjaem
20-Oct-2017Correlation between Io's lead angle and the satellite's magnetic footprintChaiyaporn Sukollapun; Suwicha Wannawichian
20-Oct-2017A study of star formation by Hα emission of galaxies in the galaxy group NGC 4213Sakdawoot Maungkorn; Wichean Kriwattanawong
20-Oct-2017First-principles calculations of zone center phonons and related thermal properties of MgSiN<inf>2</inf>Chaiyawat Kaewmeechai; Yongyut Laosiritaworn; Atchara Punya Jaroenjittichai
20-Oct-2017Simulation of Gamma Rays Attenuation Through Matters Using the Monte Carlo ProgramS. Sukara; S. Rimjeam
20-Oct-2017Preparation of Aluminum doped Zinc Oxide Thin Films on Glass Substrate by Sparking Process and Their Optical and Electrical PropertiesA. Sukee; E. Kantarak; P. Singjai
20-Oct-2017Temperature dependence of graphene and N-doped graphene for gas sensor applicationsR. Panyathip; S. Choopun; P. Singjai; S. Sakulsermsuk
3-Nov-2017Comparison of Euler and trapezoidal approaches for capacitor switching transientT. Thanasaksiri
20-Oct-2017Position Change of the Moon to showing the Lunar Mansion's PatternA. Sukwisoot; A. Laphirattanakul; S. Komonjinda