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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
18-Oct-2017Development of hydroxyapatite-polylactic acid composite bone fixation plateKomgrit Leksakul; Mintra Phuendee
20-Oct-2017Auroral bright spot in Jupiter's active region in corresponding to solar wind dynamicK. Haewsantati; S. Wannawichian; J. T. Clarke; J. D. Nichols
15-Oct-2017Effect of alcohol solvents on TiO<inf>2</inf>films prepared by sol–gel methodOrawan Wiranwetchayan; Surin Promnopas; Titipun Thongtem; Arnon Chaipanich; Somchai Thongtem
15-Oct-2017Enhancement of piezoelectric properties of Pb(Mg<inf>1/3</inf>Nb<inf>2/3</inf>)<inf>0.65</inf>Ti<inf>0.35</inf>O<inf>3</inf>ceramics by ZnO modificationMethee Promsawat; Zuo Guang Ye; Anucha Watcharapasorn
20-Oct-2017Physical properties of the Algol-type eclipsing binary AO serN. Chehlaeh; P. Lampens; D. Mkrtichian; P. Van Cauteren; L. Vermeylen; S. Komonjinda
20-Oct-2017Assessing student understanding of measurement and uncertaintyS. Jirungnimitsakul; P. Wattanakasiwich
20-Oct-2017Observation of GEO Satellite above Thailand's SkyK. Kasonsuwan; S. Wannawichian; T. Kirdkao
20-Oct-2017Orbital Shapes of Asteroids in Cometary Orbits based on 0.7m Telescope ImagingS. Dueantakhu; S. Wannawichian
1-Oct-2017Diversity and plant growth promoting activities of actinomycetes from mangrovesPaweena Suksaard; Wasu Pathom-aree; Kannika Duangmal
1-Oct-2017Amperometric ascorbic acid biosensors based on the oxygen and glassy carbon electrodes modified with ascorbate oxidase immobilized-silk fibroin/polyethylene glycol membranePacharawan Ratanasongtham; Lalida Shank; Jaroon Jakmunee; Ruangsri Watanesk; Surasak Watanesk