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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2014Limonoids from Azadirachta indica var. siamensis extracts and their cytotoxic and melanogenesis-inhibitory activitiesAranya Manosroi; Worapong Kitdamrongtham; Kenta Ishii; Takuro Shinozaki; Yosuke Tachi; Mio Takagi; Kodai Ebina; Jie Zhang; Jiradej Manosroi; Rima Akihisa; Toshihiro Akihisa
1-Jan-2014Effect of sodium dodecylbenzene sulfonate on the dispersion stability of ceramic glaze suspensionSuphapan Satchawan; Wimol Naksata; Chairoj Rattanakawin; Sakdiphon Thiansem; Preecha Panya; Ponlayuth Sooksamiti; Peter J. Scales; Orn anong Arqueropanyo
1-Jan-2014Limonoids and flavonoids from the flowers of Azadirachta indica var. siamensis, and their melanogenesis-inhibitory and cytotoxic activitiesWorapong Kitdamrongtham; Kenta Ishii; Kodai Ebina; Jie Zhang; Motohiko Ukiya; Kazuo Koike; Hiroyuki Akazawa; Aranya Manosroi; Jiradej Manosroi; Toshihiro Akihisa
1-Jan-2013Dynamics simulations of excited-state triple proton transfer in7-azaindole complexes with water, water-methanol and methanolRathawat Daengngern; Khanittha Kerdpol; Nawee Kungwan; Supa Hannongbua; Mario Barbatti
1-Mar-2013Environmentally benign synthesis of Bi<inf>2</inf>S<inf>3</inf> quantum dot using microwave-assisted approachChalermchai Pilapong; Somchai Thongtem; Titipun Thongtem
1-Jan-2014Solvent-free reduction of carboxylic acids to alcohols with NaBH<inf>4</inf> promoted by 2,4,6-trichloro-1,3,5-triazine and PPh<inf>3</inf> in the presence of K<inf>2</inf>CO<inf>3</inf>Subin Jaita; Pantitra Kaewkum; Chuthamat Duangkamol; Wong Phakhodee; Mookda Pattarawarapan
1-Jan-2014Ultrasound-assisted solventless synthesis of amines by in situ oxidation/reductive amination of benzyl halidesBannarak Khumraksa; Wong Phakhodee; Mookda Pattarawarapan
1-Jan-2014Investigating the Commercial Microwave Vacuum Drying Conditions on Physicochemical Properties and Radical Scavenging Ability of Thai Green TeaSathira Hirun; Niramon Utama-ang; Quan V. Vuong; Christopher J. Scarlett
15-Mar-2014Removal of arsenic from aqueous solution by adsorption on leonarditeYuttasak Chammui; Ponlayuth Sooksamiti; Wimol Naksata; Sakdiphon Thiansem; Orn anong Arqueropanyo
1-Jun-2013Micellar liquid chromatographic determination of arbutin and hydroquinone in medicinal plant extracts and commercial cosmetic productsW. Thogchai; B. Liawruangrath