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Title: กระบวนการพัฒนาความรู้และทักษะการทำงานของบุคลากรสายสนับสนุนการจัดการเรียนการสอนทาง ด้านการศึกษา ระดับปริญญาตรี วิทยาลัยศิลปะ สื่อ และเทคโนโลยี มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Other Titles: Knowledge Development Process and Working Skill of Academic Staff in Undergraduate Program, College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University
Authors: ผู้ช่วยศาสตราจารย์ ดร.วรวิชญ์ จันทร์ฉาย
มะลิวรรณ ชัยชนะ
Issue Date: Dec-2558
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: The objectives of this study are 1) to analyze the problems in the academic service for the undergraduate program in the College of Arts, Media and Technology, Chiang Mai University (CAMT), 2) to create better knowledge sharing process in relation to Chiang Mai University’s rules and regulations regarding academic services and 3) to synthesize the knowledge management process for supporting staff in order to develop a more efficient academic service for the undergraduate program in CAMT. This study proposes knowledge creation through SECI model process for carrying out Communication of Practice (CoP) for a group of supporting staff by participant observation and After Action Review (AAR). This is used as a tool for analyzing and synthesizing the development of their knowledge and working skills. The study suggests that the current problems in the academic service are due to the fact that most supporting academic staff are self-taught; lack of understanding, therefore, they have no exchange of knowledge among then. This can be said to be the cause of the mistakes and errors in their work since there are no coordination among working personnel. Therefore, this study created a knowledge process for the supporting academic staff that would enable them to better share their knowledge between each other through the learning process model and model for recoding knowledge to group of academic staff and beyond the organization. Moreover, Knowledge Management system can help develop working skills and help realize the potential of the supporting academic staff.
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