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Title: การลดของเสียประเภทความลึกของร่องหักแบ่งงาน ในกระบวนการปั๊มขึ้นรูปแผ่นเซรามิคซับสเตรท โดยใช้เทคนิคซิกซ์ซิกม่า
Other Titles: Snap Depth Defect Reduction in Punching Process of Ceramic Substrate Sheet Production by Six Sigma Techniques
Authors: ผศ.ดร. สรรฐติชัย ชีวสุทธิศิลป์
อดิศร มาลา
Issue Date: Apr-2558
Publisher: เชียงใหม่ : บัณฑิตวิทยาลัย มหาวิทยาลัยเชียงใหม่
Abstract: In the process of manufacturing ceramic substrate, a company found out that the customer complaints and the production process has produced a lot of defects in various kinds. According to an analysis of Pareto diagram, the main defect from manufacturing process is snap depth of ceramic substrate, this problem is directly affected to cost, profit and reliability of company. The objective of the study is to improve snap value and reduce the snap defect of ceramic substrate by using Six Sigma technique, which follows five steps: definition, measurement, analysis, improvement and control. After a brainstorming was held using a fish bone diagram and a cause and effect matrix, the four possible sources potentially impacting upon the snap defect were identified as: process mixing and mixing ingredients, life time of machine, life time of mold and the machine standard condition setting before start. An analysis to find out the main cause was done using experiment with hypothesis test. The result is showing that the machine standard condition setting before start is main case. fractional factorial design with 5 general factors was used to determine the causes of the problems and the most suitable conditions required to resolve them. After the improvement, the snap value closed to the target, the standard deviation is improved from 9.0 to 5.9 microns. Process capability is improved from 0.49 to 1.08 and snap defect reduce by 79.65%.This can decrease the company’s costs from the elimination of the defective ceramic substrate caused from snap defect more than 50% approximately. And build reliability of company from customers.
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