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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Nov-2020High mass absorption efficiency of carbonaceous aerosols during the biomass burning season in Chiang Mai of northern ThailandJun Tao; Vanisa Surapipith; Zhiwei Han; Tippawan Prapamontol; Sawaeng Kawichai; Leiming Zhang; Zhisheng Zhang; Yunfei Wu; Jiawei Li; Jie Li; Yihong Yang; Renjian Zhang
1-Aug-2018Highland cropland expansion and forest loss in Southeast Asia in the twenty-first centuryZhenzhong Zeng; Lyndon Estes; Alan D. Ziegler; Anping Chen; Timothy Searchinger; Fangyuan Hua; Kaiyu Guan; Attachai Jintrawet; Eric F. Wood
1-May-2006HL Aurigae: A pre-contact binary system with a solar-mass companionS. B. Qian; L. Y. Zhu; S. Boonruksar
15-May-2016Hydraulic evolution of high-density turbidity currents from the Brushy Canyon Formation, Eddy County, New Mexico inferred by comparison to settling and sorting experimentsKannipa Motanated; Michael M. Tice
14-Jun-2018Hydrochar Generation from Hydrothermal Carbonization of Organic WastesP. Kantakanit; N. Tippayawong; S. Koonaphapdeelert; A. Pattiya
1-Feb-2012Hydrous components of grossular-andradite garnets from Thailand: Thermal stability and exchange kineticsBongkot Phichaikamjornwut; Henrik Skogby; Prayote Ounchanum; Phisit Limtrakun; Apichet Boonsoong
1-Jan-2010Hysteresis response of daytime net ecosystem exchange during droughtN. Pingintha; M. Y. Leclerc; J. P. Beasley; D. Durden; G. Zhang; C. Senthong; D. Rowland
1-Jan-2018Identification of potential sources of PM10 pollution from biomass burning in northern Thailand using statistical analysis of trajectoriesPraphatsorn Punsompong; Somporn Chantara
1-Jan-2019Impact of pre-existing fabrics and multi-phase oblique extension on Cenozoic fault patterns, Wichianburi sub-basin of the Phetchabun rift, ThailandSopon Pongwapee; Christopher K. Morley; Krit Won-in
11-Nov-2019The Increase in Production Efficiency of Hydroponic Salad (A Case Study of Green Oakleaf Lettuce)Athiwat Wangmai; Sermkiat Jomjunyong; Suwattanarwong Phanphet; Naphetphan Phanphet; Saowaluk Reungsri
12-Mar-2018Indoor PM<inf>2.5</inf>and its Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Relation with Incense BurningSusira Bootdee; Somporn Chantara; Tippawan Prapamontol
1-Dec-2013Induced seismic force reduction using air deck blasting at Mae Moh Mine, ThailandA. Boonnumma; C. Leelasukseree
1-Jan-2017Influence of claystone deterioration on shear strength of backfillPisut Rodvinij; Pitiwat Wattanachai
1-Jul-2020Influence of zero-burning policy and climate phenomena on ambient PM<inf>2.5</inf> patterns and PAHs inhalation cancer risk during episodes of smoke haze in Northern ThailandNuttipon Yabueng; Wan Wiriya; Somporn Chantara
1-May-2019Inhibitory activities of microalgal fucoxanthin against α-amylase, α-glucosidase, and glucose oxidase in 3T3-L1 cells linked to type 2 diabetesArthitaya Kawee-Ai; Aaron Taehwan Kim; Sang Moo Kim
3-Jul-2017Integration of geographical information systems, meta-heuristics and optimization models for the employee transportation problemTeerapun Saeheaw; Nivit Charoenchai
1-Jun-2006Interaction of trace elements in acid mine drainage solution with humic acidSiripat Suteerapataranon; Muriel Bouby; Horst Geckeis; Thomas Fanghänel; Kate Grudpan
15-May-2007Internal deformation of the Shan-Thai block inferred from paleomagnetism of Jurassic sedimentary rocks in Northern ThailandKazuyoshi Aihara; Kazuhiro Takemoto; Haider Zaman; Hiroo Inokuchi; Daisuke Miura; Adichat Surinkum; Apichat Paiyarom; Burapha Phajuy; Sarawute Chantraprasert; Yuenyong Panjasawatwong; Pisanu Wongpornchai; Yo ichiro Otofuji
26-Sep-2014Interplay between new basin organisations, pre-existing institutions and emerging environmental networks in the Mae Kuang watershed, northern ThailandSantita Ganjanapan; Louis Lebel
1-Jan-2012Introduction: Changing waterscapes in the mekong region – historical background and contextFrançois Molle; Tira Foran; Philippe Floch