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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Aflatoxin B1 contamination of dairy feeds after storage in farm practice in tropical environmentWantanwa Mongkon; Yoshiko Sugita-Konishi; Wasana Chaisri; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
1-Jan-2020Bactericidal effect of clove oil against multidrug-resistant streptococcus suis isolated from human patients and slaughtered pigsKanruethai Wongsawan; Wasana Chaisri; Sahatchai Tangtrongsup; Raktham Mektrirat
1-Jun-2010Cephalexin microspheres for dairy mastitis: Effect of preparation method and surfactant type on physicochemical properties of the microspheresWasana Chaisri; Wim E. Hennink; Chadarat Ampasavate; Siriporn Okonogi
2010Development of nano/microparticles drug delivery system for treatment of mastitis in dairy cows = การพัฒนาระบบนำส่งยาอนุภาคนาโน/ไมโครเพื่อรักษาเต้านมอักเสบในโคนม / Wasana ChaisriWasana Chaisri
1-Jul-2010Effects of medium and high discomfort periods during dry environment on either pathogens causing subclinical mastitis or antimicrobial resistance of environmental Streptococci and coagulase-negative StaphylococciWasana Chaisri; Siriporn Okonogi; Khwanchai Kreausukon; Tanu Pinyopummintr; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
1-Jun-2011Enhanced gentamicin loading and release of PLGA and PLHMGA microspheres by varying the formulation parametersWasana Chaisri; Amir H. Ghassemi; Wim E. Hennink; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Jan-2019Enhancement of acaricide activity of citronella oil after microemulsion preparationWasana Chaisri; Wantida Chaiyana; Surachai Pikulkaew; Siriporn Okonogi; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
1-Apr-2016Factors in dry period associated with intramammary infection and subsequent clinical mastitis in early postpartum cowsKansuda Leelahapongsathon; Tipapun Piroon; Wasana Chaisri; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
1-Jul-2009Loss of l-ascorbic acid in commercial drinking milk caused by milk processing and storage timesNannapat Nalame; Wasana Chaisri; Witaya Suriyasathaporn
1-Jan-2009Preparation and characterization of cephalexin loaded PLGA microspheresWasana Chaisri; Wim E. Hennink; Siriporn Okonogia