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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Crystal structures and gas adsorption behavior of new lanthanide-benzene-1,4-dicarboxylate frameworksKitt Panyarat; Sireenart Surinwong; Timothy J. Prior; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2020Crystal structures and temperature-dependent photoluminescence of lanthanide coordination frameworks of mixed-benzenedicarboxylatesThammanoon Chuasaard; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra
2-Mar-2020Gas Adsorption, Proton Conductivity, and Sensing Potential of a Nanoporous Gadolinium Coordination FrameworkSupaphorn Thammakan; Pattaraphon Rodlamul; Natthawat Semakul; Nobuto Yoshinari; Takumi Konno; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Nov-2021Highly disordering nanoporous frameworks of lanthanide-dicarboxylates for catalysis of CO<inf>2</inf> cycloaddition with epoxidesSupaphorn Thammakan; Naoto Kuwamura; Natthiti Chiangraeng; Piyarat Nimmanpipug; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra
16-Aug-2021Highly Porous Ionic Solids Consisting of Au<sup>I</sup><inf>3</inf>Co<sup>III</sup><inf>2</inf>Complex Anions and Aqua Metal CationsSireenart Surinwong; Naoto Kuwamura; Tatsuhiro Kojima; Nobuto Yoshinari; Apinpus Rujiwatra; Takumi Konno
7-Jan-2022Inclusion of cyclodextrins in a metallosupramolecular frameworkviastructural transformationsSupattra Somsri; Naoto Kuwamura; Tatsuhiro Kojima; Nobuto Yoshinari; Apinpus Rujiwatra; Takumi Konno
5-Mar-2018Lanthanide Coordination Polymers of Mixed Phthalate/Adipate for Ratiometric Temperature Sensing in the Upper-Intermediate Temperature RangeThammanoon Chuasaard; Athipong Ngamjarurojana; Sireenart Surinwong; Takumi Konno; Sareeya Bureekaew; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Jan-2021Lanthanide Coordination Polymers through Design for Exceptional Catalytic Performances in CO<inf>2</inf>Cycloaddition ReactionsMalee Sinchow; Natthawat Semakul; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra
1-Aug-2021Photoluminescent ionic solids of s-bridged gold(i)-gallium(iii) and gold(i)-indium(iii) hexanuclear complexesTakuma Itai; Naoto Kuwamura; Tatsuhiro Kojima; Nobuto Yoshinari; Apinpus Rujiwatra; Takumi Konno
11-Jul-2022Reversible Structural Transformation and Catalytic Potential of Lanthanide-AzobenzenetetracarboxylatesMalee Sinchow; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra
5-Mar-2022Structure and photoluminescence of two-dimensional lanthanide coordination polymers of mixed phthalate and azobenzene dicarboxylateThammanoon Chuasaard; Supaphorn Thammakan; Natthawat Semakul; Takumi Konno; Apinpus Rujiwatra