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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2019Additional growth of dominant follicle during synchronized ovulatory cycle affects ovulatory follicle size, corpus luteum parameters, and progesterone level in Northern Thai native cattleJakree Jitjumnong; Paiwan Sudwan; Raktham Mektrirat; Punnawut Yama; Wilasinee Pirokad; Warittha U-Krit; Tossapol Moonmanee
1-Jan-2019Antiseptic effect of natural teat dip containing lactic acid against mastitis-causing Escherichia coliRinrada Chotigarpa; Kannika Na Lampang; Surachai Pikulkaew; Siriporn Okonogi; Pirote Silman; Raktham Mektrirat
1-Feb-2020Associations among thermal biology, preovulatory follicle diameter, follicular and luteal vascularities, and sex steroid hormone concentrations during preovulatory and postovulatory periods in tropical beef cowsJakree Jitjumnong; Tossapol Moonmanee; Paiwan Sudwan; Raktham Mektrirat; Maslin Osathanunkul; Chainarong Navanukraw; Julakorn Panatuk; Punnawut Yama; Wilasinee Pirokad; Warittha U-krit; Warunya Chaikol
1-Jan-2020Bactericidal effect of clove oil against multidrug-resistant streptococcus suis isolated from human patients and slaughtered pigsKanruethai Wongsawan; Wasana Chaisri; Sahatchai Tangtrongsup; Raktham Mektrirat
1-Feb-2016Evaluation of cytotoxic and inflammatory properties of clove oil microemulsion in miceRaktham Mektrirat; Kantaporn Janngeon; Surachai Pikulkaew; Siriporn Okonogi
1-Sep-2018Inhibitory effects and killing kinetics of lactic acid rice gel against pathogenic bacteria causing bovine mastitisRinrada Chotigarpa; Kannika Na Lampang; Surachai Pikulkaew; Siriporn Okonogi; Kittisak Ajariyakhajorn; Raktham Mektrirat
30-Jan-2020Phytochemical and safety evaluations of volatile terpenoids from Zingiber cassumunar Roxb. On mature carp peripheral blood mononuclear cells and embryonic zebrafishRaktham Mektrirat; Terdsak Yano; Siriporn Okonogi; Wasan Katip; Surachai Pikulkaew