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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2019China in Laos: Enclave spaces and the transformation of borders in the Mekong RegionPinkaew Laungaramsri
1-Jan-2015Commodifying sovereignty: Special economic zones and the neoliberalization of the lao frontierPinkaew Laungaramsri
16-Jun-2015Commodifying Sovereignty: Special Economic Zones and the Neoliberalization of the Lao FrontierPinkaew Laungaramsri
1-Oct-2012Frontier capitalism and the expansion of rubber plantations in southern LaosPinkaew Laungaramsri
2-Jul-2020Governing by paper: mediating textual border and negotiating mobility in ThailandPinkaew Laungaramsri
1-Jan-2016Mass surveillance and the militarization of cyberspace in post-coup ThailandPinkaew Laungaramsri
1-Jan-2018Negotiating post-resettlement livelihoods: the Chinese special economic zone and its impact in northwestern LaosPinkaew Laungaramsri; Souksamone Sengchanh
Dec-2014Schoolgirls' sexualities, media and popular culture in Chiang Mai City, ThailandWasan Panyagaew; Pinkaew Laungaramsri; Apinya Feungfusakul; Kangwan Fongkaew
4-Jun-2009Swidden transformations and rural livelihoods in southeast asiaR. A. Cramb; Carol J. Pierce Colfer; Wolfram Dressler; Pinkaew Laungaramsri; Quang Trang Le; Elok Mulyoutami; Nancy L. Peluso; Reed L. Wadley
1-Jan-2016Thailand: Whither gender in the environmental movement?Pinkaew Laungaramsri
1-Apr-2006Women, nation, and the ambivalence of subversive identification along the Thai-Burmese borderPinkaew Laungaramsri