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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2018Analysis of the Use of Social Network in the 21st Century Active Learning for Undergraduate Students Based on the Subject of Rapid Application DevelopmentOrawit Thinnukool
1-Jan-2015Attitude and opinion of Bicycle-Helmet SignalPattama Longani; Orawit Thinnukool; Anusorn Yodjaiphet
1-Jan-2015Designing basic relational database for analysis land-use changeOrawit Thinnukool; Noodchanath Kongchouy
1-Jan-2017Designing of a game-based learning framework for training pharmacy studentsTeerawat Kamnardsiri; Tansita Somwayakath; Pantira Leungtanawat; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Orawit Thinnukool; Purida Wientong
1-May-2019An exploratory study of digital workforce competency in ThailandVeeraporn Siddoo; Jinda Sawattawee; Worawit Janchai; Orawit Thinnukool
22-Aug-2018First aid literacy mobile application developmentPattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Benjamas Suksatit; Orawit Thinnukool
1-Jan-2017Is Facebook a suitable tool in modern world technology for active learning in as regards 21<sup>st</sup>century learning?Orawit Thinnukool; Noodchanath Kongchouy
1-Jan-2016Land use change and development modeling using logistic regressionCornelia B. Appianing; Noodchanath Kongchouy; Orawit Thinnukool
1-May-2016Modelling urban growth over time using grid-digitized method with variance inflation factors applied to spatial correlationPotjamas Chuangchang; Orawit Thinnukool; Phattrawan Tongkumchum
1-Jan-2017Non-prescription medicine mobile healthcare application: Smartphone-based software design and development reviewOrawit Thinnukool; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Purida Wientong; Thammarat Panityakul
28-Aug-2017Pediatric fluid therapy calculator mobile application (PFTC)Orawit Thinnukool; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Pattarapan Sukwuttichai
1-Jan-2017Pharmacy Assistant Mobile Application (PAMA): Development and reviewsOrawit Thinnukool; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Purida Wientong
1-Jan-2017Preliminary design for development for non-prescription medicine mobile health applicationOrawit Thinnukool
1-Apr-2016Shedding light on the national identity of local music in Northern Thailand: Design and implementation via responsive web applicationOrawit Thinnukool; Khanithep Pitupumnak
22-May-2019Smart ecotourism planning in chiang mai using traveling salesman problemWapee Manopiniwes; Sainatee Chernbumroong; Orawit Thinnukool
9-Apr-2020Thailand medical mobile application for patients triage base on criteria based dispatch protocolKrongkarn Sutham; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Orawit Thinnukool
1-Jan-2019Type 2 diabetes mobile application for supporting for clinical treatment: Case development reportOrawit Thinnukool; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Purida Wientong; Benjamas Suksat; Nipawan Waisayanand
1-Jun-2018The Use of Cyberbullying Mobile Application to Increase Perceived Knowledge of Cyberbullying among AdolescentsOrawit Thinnukool; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Ruthaychonnee Sittichai
1-Jan-2017The user's satisfaction of graphic user interface in designing for health care mobile applicationOrawit Thinnukool; Noodchanath Kongchouy
9-Mar-2020Word Cloud Analysis of Customer Satisfaction in Cosmetic Products in ThailandOrawit Thinnukool; Phasit Charoenkwan; Pattaraporn Khuwuthyakorn; Pachara Tinamat