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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Aug-2020Carbon catalysts, ionomer contents and operating conditions of an aqueous organic flow battery fabricated by a catalyst-coated membraneL. Intakhuen; W. Kakaen; K. Punyawudho
30-Jul-2010Comparison of different methods for determination of Pt surface site concentrations for supported Pt electrocatalystsK. Punyawudho; D. A. Blom; J. W. Van Zee; J. R. Monnier
21-Jun-2011Effect of O<inf>2</inf> on the adsorption of SO<inf>2</inf> on carbon-supported pt electrocatalystsK. Punyawudho; S. Ma; J. W. Van Zee; J. R. Monnier
6-Apr-2020Effects of carbon supporter on oxygen reduction reaction catalytic activity in proton exchange membrane fuel cell of bimetallic Pt-Ni nanoparticles electrocatalystsL. Payattikul; W. Kakaen; K. Punyawudho
1-Oct-2017Evaluation of Nafion with Various Pt–C Concentrations in Membrane Electrode Assemblies for PEMFCsK. Wuttikid; S. Shimpalee; J. W. Weidner; K. Punyawudho
15-Jul-2014Identification and quantification of performance losses for PEM fuel cells as determined by selective chemisorption and ESA measurementsK. Punyawudho; N. Vorayos; Y. Zhang; S. Shimpalee; J. R. Monnier
1-Jan-2020The improvement of organic redox flow battery performance by spherical mesoporous carbon prepared by sol-gel polymerization in water-oil emulsification techniqueW. Kakaen; L. Intakhuen; A. Siyasukh; K. Punyawudho
1-Jan-2019Preparation of Pt/graphene catalysts for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells by strong electrostatic adsorption techniqueS. Pothaya; J. R. Regalbuto; J. R. Monnier; K. Punyawudho
15-Mar-2011SO<inf>2</inf>adsorption on carbon-supported Pt electrocatalystsK. Punyawudho; J. R. Monnier; J. W.Van Zee