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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
19-Jul-2017Application of Job Sequencing Policies in Refrigerated Truck Sequencing: A Case StudyChompoonoot Kasemset; Eakachai Pintaruean
1-Jan-2015Application of MFCA and dynamic programming in operations improvement: A case studyAtchara Songkham; Chompoonoot Kasemset
1-Jan-2016Application of MFCA and ECRS in waste reduction: A case study of electronic parts factoryChompoonoot Kasemset; Chawis Boonmee; Penpatchara Khuntaporn
14-May-2019A Case Study of Outbound-vehicle Analysis in Traffic System: Optimization to SimulationChompoonoot Kasemset; Hidetsugu Suto
1-Jan-2015Different cost allocation methods in Material Flow Cost Accounting: A case study of waste reduction in Thai meatball productionChompoonoot Kasemset; Chawis Boonmee
1-Jan-2020Healthcare service network analysis: Northern region’s healthcare service network of cleft lip and cleft palateSupaksiri Suwiwattana; Chompoonoot Kasemset; Krit Khwanngern
1-Jan-2019The improvement of healthcare management in Thailand via IE tools: A surveyChawis Boonmee; Chompoonoot Kasemset
1-Jan-2015Metaheuristics for warehouse storage location assignment problemsWarisa Wisittipanich; Chompoonoot Kasemset
1-Mar-2020The multi-objective fuzzy mathematical programming model for humanitarian relief logisticsChawis Boonmee; Chompoonoot Kasemset
1-Jan-2014Multiple regression model for forecasting quantity of supply of off-season longanChompoonoot Kasemset; Nisachon Sae-Haew; Apichat Sopadang
1-Jan-2014Processed parboiled-rice product development using HoQ techniqueChompoonoot Kasemset; Nopparat Kumpong; Wassanai Wattanutchariya
1-Jan-2014Robustness evaluation of job-shop scheduling based on theory of constraints (TOC)Chompoonoot Kasemset; Uttapol Smutkupt
1-Mar-2020Traffic information sign location problem: Optimization and simulationChompoonoot Kasemset; Chawis Boonmee; Masahiro Arakawa
1-Jan-2019University course timetabling problem considering day and time patternChompoonoot Kasemset; Takashi Irohara