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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2007Best approximation in ℝ-treesW. A. Kirk; B. Panyanak
15-Jun-2012Browder's convergence theorem for multivalued mappings without endpoint conditionS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
17-Dec-2013Common fixed points for asymptotic pointwise nonexpansive mappingsB. Panyanak; P. Pasom
16-Mar-2012Common fixed points for asymptotic pointwise nonexpansive mappings in metric and banach spacesP. Pasom; B. Panyanak
15-Jun-2008A concept of convergence in geodesic spacesW. A. Kirk; B. Panyanak
11-Mar-2020Diametrically Regular Mappings and Browder’s Theorem Without the Endpoint ConditionB. Panyanak; S. Suantai
1-Mar-2009Erratum: Best approximation in trees (Numerical Functional Analysis and Optimization (2007) 28:5-6 (681-690))W. A. Kirk; B. Panyanak
1-Nov-2011Fixed point theorems for some generalized multivalued nonexpansive mappingsA. Kaewcharoen; B. Panyanak
1-Jan-2021Fixed points of Osilike-Berinde-G-nonexpansive mappings in metric spaces endowed with graphsA. Kaewkhao; C. Klangpraphan; B. Panyanak
16-Sep-2011A generalization of Suzuki's lemmaB. Panyanak; A. Cuntavepanit
15-Aug-2006The Jordan-von Neumann constants and fixed points for multivalued nonexpansive mappingsS. Dhompongsa; T. Domínguez Benavides; A. Kaewcharoen; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
15-Dec-2005Lim's theorems for multivalued mappings in CAT(0) spacesS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
1-Jan-2013A note on common fixed point results in uniformly convex hyperbolic spacesW. Laowang; B. Panyanak
1-Jan-2012On Kirk's strong convergence theorem for multivalued nonexpansive mappings on CAT(0) spacesS. Dhompongsa; A. Kaewkhao; B. Panyanak
17-Aug-2012On multivalued nonexpansive mappings in ℝ-treesK. Samanmit; B. Panyanak
1-Nov-2008On △-convergence theorems in CAT(0) spacesS. Dhompongsa; B. Panyanak
12-Aug-2009Strong and Δ convergence theorems for multivalued mappings in cat(o) spacesB. Panyanak; W. Laowang
6-Apr-2011Strong convergence of modified Halpern iterations in CAT(0) spacesB. Panyanak; A. Cuntavepanit