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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8-Jun-2018Impact of voltage sag on electrical system for water pumping of Mae Moh mineW. Boonkird; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; Y. Baghzouz
1-Dec-2009Impacts of photovoltaic power generation on very long distribution lineR. Parameechok; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; T. Kasirawat
22-Oct-2009Implementation of a 1-kVA programmable balanced three-phase voltage sag generatorY. Kumsuwan; C. Boonmee; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Dec-2005An improved PMUs placement method for power system state estimationC. Rakpenthai; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; S. Uatrongjit; N. R. Watson
6-Oct-2008An improved single-phase inverter for small PV-system using soft-switching techniqueD. Amorndechaphon; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
27-Aug-2009Investigation of single phase reclosing using arc model on the 500 kV transmission line from Mae Moh to Tha Ta KoK. Ngamsanroaj; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Dec-2005Maximum power point tracking using neural networks for grid-connected photovoltaic systemK. Samangkool; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
17-Oct-2012Modified grid-connected CSI for hybrid PV/wind power generation systemD. Amorndechaphon; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Higuchi; X. Roboam
16-May-2012Modified grid-connected current source inverter for multi-string PV systemD. Amorndechaphon; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Higuchi
1-Dec-2007Optimal economic dispatch for power generation using artificial neural networkS. Panta; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; S. Nuchprayoon; C. Dechthummarong; S. Janjommanit; S. Yachiangkam
1-Dec-2007PMU-based two stages state estimation for power system with nonlinear devicesC. Rakpenthai; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; S. Uatrongjit; N. R. Watson
20-Jun-2011Power control of single-phase voltage source inverter for grid-connected photovoltaic systemsS. Samerchur; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; Y. Kumsuwun; K. Higuchi
1-Dec-2008A power quality monitoring system for real-time detection of power fluctuationsK. Yingkayun; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
1-Dec-2007Power quality monitoring system using real-time operating systemK. Yingkayun; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Oranpiroj
6-Dec-2010Preventive maintenance optimization for excitation system of bhumibol hydro power plantS. Pansrisu; S. Premrudeepreechacharn
7-Aug-2017Reliability Centered Maintenance for electrical distribution system of Phontong substation in Vientiane CapitalO. Vilayphonh; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Ngamsanroaj
20-Nov-2015Reliability improvement of the electrical distribution system of the Thanaleng Substation in Vientiane capital, LaosS. Khounnouvong; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Ngamsanroaj
1-Dec-2008Simulation Study of the Secondary Arc Extinction due to Single Line to Ground Fault on the Thailand 500 kV Line from Mae Moh to Tha Ta KoK. Ngamsanroaj; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; S. Chimklai
1-Dec-2009Small grid-connected PV-system with lossless passive soft-switching techniqueD. Amorndechaphon; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; K. Higuchi
1-Dec-2006State estimation of power system with UPFC using interior point WLAV methodC. Rakpenthai; S. Premrudeepreechacharn; S. Uatrongjit; N. R. Watson