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Title: Preventive maintenance optimization for excitation system of bhumibol hydro power plant
Authors: S. Pansrisu
S. Premrudeepreechacharn
Keywords: Energy
Issue Date: 6-Dec-2010
Abstract: Power plant reliability is highly related to the way maintenance tasks on system equipments are performed. From operation record of bhumibol hydro power plant between 2002- 2006, the unplanned outage hours (uoh) of power plant are varied. The main factor of uoh is mostly caused by excitation system of power plant. Therefore, the maintenance system of excitation system has to be revised in order to improve of reliability of power plant. This paper proposes a maintenance tools called preventive maintenance optimization(pmo). This approach has improved maintenance related to failure mode of equipment. Since wiebull distribution is able to find mean time to failure (mttf), failure rate and reliability with small number of failure data due to limited of information. Therefore, weibull distribution is used as statistical analysis. This paper has applied the pmo with bhumibol power plant unit 1-4. From the simulation results has shown that the maintenance plan from pmo can improve power plant reliability compared with previous shutdown planned for maintenance. In addition, the power plant also can reduce unnecessary planned maintenance. The reliability of system is also increased. This study results are assessed, analyzed and considered as a guide line for maintenance excitation system of other egat's hydro power plant.
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