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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2009Investigations on local quartz sand for application in glass industryPisutti Dararutana; Prukswan Chetanachan; Pornsawat Wathanakul; Narin Sirikulrat
17-Sep-2010Lead-free high refractive index glass using local Thai sandsPisutti Dararutana; Narin Sikulrat
1-Jan-2022Physical and optical properties of barium-based glass doped with Nd<sup>3+</sup> prepared from Thai raw materialsChatdanai Boonruang; Krit Won-in; Pisutti Dararutana
14-Mar-2011Radiation shielding lead-free glass based on barium-bearing glass using Thailand Quartz sandsKrit Won-In; Narin Sirikulrat; Pisutti Dararutana
1-Dec-2007Study of metal coating on lead-free high refractive index glass prepared from local sandPisutti Dararutana; Narin Sirikulrat
1-Jan-2022Synchrotron Radiation Study on Ancient Burnt Rice Found at Archaeological Sites in ThailandChatdanai Boonruang; Krit Won-In; Somchai Tancharakorn; Phakkananan Pakawanit; Kanjana Thumanu; Pisutti Dararutana
1-Jul-2017UV-vis spectroscopic and dielectric properties of bismuth borosilicate glasses doped with potassium chromateJirapan Dutchaneephet; Pisutti Dararutana; Narin Sirikulrat
2017UV-vis Spectroscopic and Dielectric Properties of Bismuth Borosilicate Glasses Doped with Potassium ChromateJirapan Dutchaneephet; Pisutti Dararutana; Narin Sirikulrat
8-Jan-2013X-ray spectrometry study on historical decorative glasses in thailand: Lanna-style glassPisutti Dararutana; Krit Won-In; Saweat Intarasiri; Teerasak Kamwanna; Somchai Tancharakorn; Narin Sirikulrat; Christoph A. Hauzenberger