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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2017Bound for the 2-Page Fixed Linear Crossing Number of Hypercube Graph via SDP RelaxationA. Suebsriwichai; T. Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2019Compact structure-preserving approach to solitary wave in shallow water modeled by the Rosenau-RLW equationB. Wongsaijai; T. Mouktonglang; N. Sukantamala; K. Poochinapan
17-Aug-2012Deterministic Kalman filtering on semi-infinite intervalL. Faybusovich; T. Mouktonglang
1-Aug-2013Discrete multi-target linear-quadratic control problem and quadratic programmingK. Khunsmuth; T. Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2014Exponential synchronization for hybrid coupled neural networks with time delays via intermittent feedback controlsN. Yotha; T. Mouktonglang; T. Botmart
1-Dec-2013Global synchronization of hybrid coupled neural networks with interval time-varying and unbounded distributed delays via sampled-data feedback controlN. Yotha; T. Botmart; T. Mouktonglang
1-Apr-2019Identification of atmospheric pollution source based on particle swarm optimizationW. Chaiwino; T. Mouktonglang
8-Nov-2011Linear-quadratic control problem with robust Quadratically constraints1T. Mouktonglang; P. Kabcome
28-Feb-2011Multi-criteria linear-quadratic control problem by KSH-direction interior-point methodW. Kanuengkid; T. Mouktonglang
3-Feb-2012Multitarget linear-quadratic control problem: Semi-infinite intervalL. Faybusovich; T. Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2019Novel algorithm based on modification of Galerkin finite element method to general Rosenau-RLW equation in (2 + 1)-dimensionsN. Tamang; B. Wongsaijai; T. Mouktonglang; K. Poochinapan
1-Nov-2008Numerical experiments with universal barrier functions for cones of Chebyshev systemsL. Faybusovich; T. Mouktonglang; T. Tsuchiya
22-Aug-2012Robust perturbed linear-quadratic control problem on semi-infinite interval with applicationsR. Manowong; T. Mouktonglang
1-Jan-2015Vehicle routing problem for multiple product types, compartments, and trips with soft time windowsP. Kabcome; T. Mouktonglang