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2013Phase formation, microstructure and magnetic properties of (1-x)BiFeO3-x (0.9Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O3-0.1PbTiO3) systemWongmaneerung R.; Jantaratana P.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2013Probing local structure of pyrochlore lead zinc niobate with synchrotron x-ray absorption spectroscopy techniqueKanchiang K.; Pramchu S.; Yimnirun R.; Pakawanit P.; Ananta S.; Laosiritaworn Y.
2006Effect of calcination conditions on phase formation and particle size of zinc niobate powders synthesized by solid-state reactionNgamjarurojana A.; Khamman O.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2006Contributions of domain-related phenomena on dielectric constant of lead-based ferroelectric ceramics under uniaxial compressive pre-stressYimnirun R.
2006Phase development and dielectric properties of (1-x)Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3-xBaTiO3 ceramicsChaisan W.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.; Cann D.P.
2006Effect of sintering temperature on densification and dielectric properties of Pb(Zr0.44Ti0.56)O3 ceramicsYimnirun R.; Tipakontitikul R.; Ananta S.
2007Effect of calcination condition on phase formation of zirconium titanate powders synthesized by the solid-state reactionPrasatkhetragarn A.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2008Piezoelectric properties of low temperature sintering in Pb(Zr,Ti)O3-Pb(Zn,Ni)1/3Nb2/3O3 ceramics for piezoelectric transformer applicationsNgamjarurojana A.; Ural S.; Park S.H.; Ananta S.; Yimnirun R.; Uchino K.
2006Stress-dependent scaling behavior of dynamic hysteresis in bulk soft ferroelectric ceramicYimnirun R.; Wongsaenmai S.; Ananta S.; Laosiritaworn Y.
2008Thermal expansion properties of PMN-PT ceramicsWongmaneerung R.; Guo R.; Bhalla A.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.