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2013Phase formation, microstructure and electrical properties of mica glass-ceramics containing Cr2O3 produced by heat treatmentNiyompan A.; Phumas S.; Tipakontitikul R.; Tunkasiri T.
2013Effect of camphor addition on mechanical properties and bioactivity of P2O5-CaO-Na2O bioactive glassThonglem S.; Rujijanagul G.; Eitssayeam S.; Tunkasiri T.; Pengpat K.
2013Fabrication of P2O5-CaO-Na2O glasses doped with magnesium oxide for artificial bone applicationsThonglem S.; Rujijanagul G.; Eitssayeam S.; Tunkasiri T.; Pengpat K.
2012Ultrasonic extraction of thai propolis for antimicrobial and antioxidant propertiesSanpa S.; Sutjarittangtham K.; Tunkasiri T.; Eitssayeam S.; Chantawannakul P.
2007Effects of rare earth additive (Nd2O3) on microstructure and dielectric properties of lead zirconate titanate ceramicsThamjaree W.; Nhuapeng W.; Tunkasiri T.
2007Design considerations for aural vital signs using PZT piezoelectric ceramics sensor based on the computerization methodNoimanee S.; Tunkasiri T.; Siriwitayakorn K.; Tantrakoon J.
2006Fine grained bismuth sodium titanate ceramics prepared via vibro-milling methodKhamman O.; Watcharapasorn A.; Pengpat K.; Tunkasiri T.
2008Development of electrical properties in lead-free bismuth sodium lanthanum titanate-barium titanate ceramic near the morphotropic phase boundaryJarupoom P.; Pengpat K.; Pisitpipathsin N.; Eitssayeam S.; Intatha U.; Rujijanagul G.; Tunkasiri T.
2007Study of ESR, defect structure and surface morphology of Cu2+ in CdS crystalsEitssayeam S.; Tawichai N.; Pengpat K.; Tunkasiri T.; Udomkan N.; Intatha U.
2006Solution route synthesis of dendrite Cu6Sn5 powders, anode material for lithium-ion batteriesSarakonsri T.; Apirattanawan T.; Tungprasurt S.; Tunkasiri T.