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2010Sensitivity and specificity of simple erythrocyte osmotic fragility test for screening of alpha-thalassemia-1 and beta-thalassemia trait in pregnant womenTongprasert F.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Piyamongkol W.; Tongsong T.
2009Amniocentesis in twin pregnanciesSupadilokluck S.; Tongprasert F.; Tongsong T.; Wanapirak C.; Piyamongkol W.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Srisupundit K.
2011Accuracy of immunochromatographic strip test in diagnosis of alpha-thalassemia-1 carrierWanapirak C.; Piyamongkol W.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Tayapiwatana C.; Kasinrerk W.; Tongsong T.
2006Medical treatment of ectopic pregnancy: A ten-year review of 106 cases at Maharaj Nakorn Chiang Mai HospitalSrivichai K.; Uttavichai C.; Tongsong T.
2009Prenatal sonographic features of fetal atelosteogenesis type 1Luewan S.; Sukpan K.; Udomwan P.; Tongsong T.
2014Inferior vena cava doppler indices in fetuses with hemoglobin bart's hydrops fetalisLuewan S.; Tongprasert F.; Srisupundit K.; Tongsong T.
2014Randomized controlled trial comparing efficacy between a vaginal misoprostol loading and non-loading dose regimen for second-trimester pregnancy terminationPongsatha S.; Tongsong T.
2014Reference ranges of myocardial performance index from 12 to 40 weeks of gestationLuewan S.; Tongprasert F.; Srisupundit K.; Traisrisilp K.; Tongsong T.
2004Sonographic Markers of Hemoglobin Bart Disease at MidpregnancyTongsong T.; Wanapirak C.; Sirichotiyakul S.; Chanprapaph P.
2014Pregnancy outcomes among chronic carriers of hepatitis B virusSirilert S.; Traisrisilp K.; Sirivatanapa P.; Tongsong T.