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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-May-2016How anatomy should be taught: Debatable factsSrijit Das; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Jun-2016A cadaveric study of the anatomical variations of the lumbar plexus with clinical implicationsPawaree Nontasaen; Srijit Das; Chote Nisung; Apichat Sinthubua; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Apr-2016The Burden of Gastrointestinal, Liver, and Pancreatic Diseases: The Global ScenarioSrijit Das; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Christopher C.K. Ho
1-Jan-2016Patients' knowledge and decisional conflict regarding tamoxifen use: Scientific ViewsSrijit Das; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Jul-2016Muscle attachment to the condylar process of mandible: anatomical considerationsZar Chi Thent; Srijit Das; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Mar-2016Circle of Willis of the brain: anatomical variations and their importancePasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Srijit Das
1-May-2018Methylated MicroRNA Biomarkers for Identifying Ulcerative Colitis–Associated Colorectal CancersPasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Apichat Sinthubua; Srijit Das
1-Dec-2015Sex determination from different sternal measurements: A study in a Thai populationSaw Myint tun; Srijit Das; Sittiporn Ruengdit; Phruksachat Singsuwan; Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh
1-Jul-2017Re: Cambareri et al.: Do Overweight and Obese Pediatric Stone Formers Have Differences in Metabolic Abnormalities Compared With Normal-weight Stone Formers? (Urology 2017;101:26-30)Pasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Apichat Sinthubua; Srijit Das
1-Jan-2017Anomalous foramina in the xiphoid process of the sternum: Anatomical considerations and clinical significancePasuk Mahakkanukrauh; Apichat Sinthubua; Sitthiporn Ruengdit; Srijit Das