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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002Effect of site-directed mutagenesis at the amino acid positions 204 and 205 of dengue serotype 2 virus prm protein on virus replication / Kridsda ChaichounKridsda Chaichoun
2002Institutional sustainability for water resource management : a case study of Dong people's water resources management in Zengchong village, Congjiang Country, Guizhou Province, P.R. China / Li ZhinanLi, Zhinan
2002Petrochemistry and tectonic settings of mafic igneous rocks in the Naxeng prospect Xayabouri Province Lao People's Democratic Republic / Kongkham ChanthavichithKongkham Chanthavichith
2002Changing practices of fruit-based agroforestry as Miao farmers' responses to market and rural development policies in Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, P.R. China / Yang CongmingYang, Congming
2002Development of a microcolumn system for enhancng performance in flow injection spectrophotometric determination of copper / Boonlom PurachatBoonlom Purachat
2002Dynamics of Tibetan pastoralism as practice of identity and knowledge : a case study in a village of Northwest Yunnan Province, P.R. China / Ma JianzhongMa, Jianzhong
2002High intensity focused argon lon beam sysrem / Dheerawan BoonyawanDheerawan Boonyawan
2002Evaluation of Japan's Official Development Assistance (ODA) : a case study of Grant Assistance for Grass-Roots Projects (GGP) in Chiang Mai / Miki NagataNagata, Miki
2002Plant tissues-based bioelectrodes for determination of some chemical substances / Prasit PurachatPrasit Purachat
2002Generalizations of continuous and discrete modules / Hansuk TanseeHansuk Tansee