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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014An optimized expression vector for improving the yield of dengue virus-like particles from transfected insect cellsCharoensri N.; Suphatrakul A.; Sriburi R.; Yasanga T.; Junjhon J.; Keelapang P.; Utaipat U.; Puttikhunt C.; Kasinrerk W.; Malasit P.; Sittisombut N.
2014Differences in Elements Between Intact and Disrupted Human Ligamenta Capitum FemorumShinohara Y.; Kumai T.; Higashiyama I.; Tanaka Y.; Takakura Y.; Nishi M.; Azuma C.; Minami T.; Tohno Y.
2014Molecular characterization of norovirus variants and genetic diversity of noroviruses and sapoviruses in ThailandChaimongkol N.; Khamrin P.; Malasao R.; Thongprachum A.; Kongsricharoern T.; Ukarapol N.; Ushijima H.; Maneekarn N.
2004Impact of gastrointestinal endoscopy on HIV-infected childrenUkarapol N.; Lertprasertsuk N.; Fuchs G.J.; Wongsawasdi L.; Sirisanthana V.
2004Effects of shock strengths on ventricular defibrillation failureChattipakorn N.; Banville I.; Gray R.A.; Ideker R.E.
2014Developmental competence of human embryos derived from in vitro maturation of immature oocytes retrieved during cesarean sectionPongsuthirak P.; Vutyavanich T.
2013Nonisothermal thermogravimetric analysis of Thai lignite with high CAO contentPintana P.; Tippayawong N.
2004Clinics in Diagnostic Imaging (93)Muttarak M.; Namwongprom S.; Sivasomboon C.
2014Giant cell tumor of the fingerRapipong J.; Chang K.-V.
2014Induction of neutralizing antibody response against four dengue viruses in mice by intramuscular electroporation of tetravalent DNA vaccinesPrompetchara E.; Ketloy C.; Keelapang P.; Sittisombut N.; Ruxrungtham K.