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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Oct-2010Diagnosis of thalassemia on dried blood spot samples by high performance liquid chromatographySakorn Pornprasert; Chutharat Kasemrad; Kanyakan Sukunthamala
1-Nov-2010SYTO9 and SYBR GREEN1 with a high-resolution melting analysis for prenatal diagnosis of β0-thalassemia/hemoglobin-ESakorn Pornprasert; Kanyakan Sukunthamala
28-Feb-2019Serologic characteristics of hepatitis B virus among hill-tribe children in Omkoi district, Chiangmai province, ThailandWoottichai Khamduang; Nichagamon Ponchomcheun; Witchuda Yaaupala; Phongpatchara Puwaruengpat; Sayamon Hongjaisee; Tanawan Samleerat; Jintana Yanola; Sakorn Pornprasert; Kwanchai Ratanasthien; Gonzague Jourdain; Nicole Ngo-Giang-Huong; Wasna Sirirungsi
2-Jan-2019A Case Report of Compound Heterozygosity for β<sup>0</sup>/β<sup>+</sup>-Thalassemia Resulting from under Diagnosed β-Thalassemia Found in a Hb A'<inf>2</inf> SampleNutjeera Intasai; Ampai Phasit; Sitthichai Panyasai; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Jan-2019Development of suitable external quality control material for G6PD deficiency screening with the fluorescent spot testNattasit Pienthai; Panida Pongpunyayuen; Chedtapak Ruengdit; Sakorn Pornprasert
3-Sep-2019Analysis of Deletional Hb H Diseases in Samples with Hb A<inf>2</inf>-Hb H and Hb A<inf>2</inf>-Hb Bart’s on Capillary ElectrophoresisKunyakan Khongthai; Chedtapak Ruengdit; Sitthichai Panyasai; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Jan-2019False-positive result of immunochromatographic (IC) strip test for the diagnosis of α-thalassemia in samples with autoantibodiesPatcharapong Pantiya; Saowanit Chairatanapiwong; Dararat Dankai; Sarayut Nualkeaw; Kanokwan Jaiping; Panthong Singboottra; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Jan-2019A formula to identify potential cases of β-thalassemia/HbE disease among patients with absent HbA, HbE &gt;75% and HbF between 5 and 15%Sakorn Pornprasert; Monthathip Tookjai; Manoo Punyamung; Kanyakan Kongthai
1-Jan-2019Hemoglobin Henri Mondor [β26(B8) Glu → Val, GAG &gt; GTG], A First Case Report in South-East AsiaSitthichai Panyasai; Kanokwan Jaiping; Pisuttinee Khantarag; Sakorn Pornprasert
16-Jul-2019Validation of Microarray for the Simultaneous Detection of Common α- and β-Thalassemia Gene MutationsSakorn Pornprasert; Rinradee Anurak; Chedtapak Ruengdit; Nattasit Pienthai; Monthathip Tookjai; Manoo Punyamung; Panida Pongpunyayuen