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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
4-Mar-2017Hematological Characterizations and Molecular Diagnostic Aspects of Hb Wiangpapao [α44(CE2)Pro→Ser (α1), CCG>TCG; HBA1: c.133C>T], a New α-Globin Variant Found in a Pregnant Thai WomanSitthichai Panyasai; Sakorn Pornprasert
4-Mar-2017Evaluation of Applying a Combination of Red Cell Indexes and Formulas to Differentiate β-Thalassemia Trait from Iron Deficiency Anemia in the Thai PopulationSakorn Pornprasert; Choosak Thongsat; Uraiporn Panyachadporn
1-Jun-2017Lyophilized hemoglobin e control material for the dichlorophenol-indophenol (DCIP) testNattasit Pienthai; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Jan-2017Detection of the common South-East Asian β<sup>0</sup>-thalassemia mutations in samples with borderline HbA<inf>2</inf> levelsPitchaporn Rungsee; Kanyakan Kongthai; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Dec-2017Co-inheritance of Hb J-Kaohsiung [β59(E3) AAG&gt;ACG, Lys→Thr] and HbE [β26(B8) GAG&gt;AAG, Glu→Lys] in a Thai WomanSitthichai Panyasai; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Jan-2018Hemoglobin J-Singapore [α79(EF8)Ala→Gly, GCG&gt;GGG] in a pregnant Thai womanSitthichai Panyasai; Nopphadol Permsripong; Sakorn Pornprasert
2-Jan-2018Complex Interaction of Hb Q-Thailand (HBA1: c.223G&gt;C) with β-Thalassemia/Hb E (HBB: c.79G&gt;A) DiseaseSitthichai Panyasai; Surada Satthakarn; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Jan-2018Diagnosis of Compound Heterozygous Hb Tak/β-Thalassemia and HbD-Punjab/β-Thalassemia by HbA<inf>2</inf>Levels on Capillary ElectrophoresisSitthichai Panyasai; Supachai Sakkhachornphop; Sakorn Pornprasert
1-Dec-2011The authors' replySakorn Pornprasert
1-Nov-2010Analysis of real-time PCR cycle threshold of α-thalassemia-1 southeast asian type deletion using fetal cell-free DNA in maternal plasma for noninvasive prenatal diagnosis of bart's hydrops fetalisSakorn Pornprasert; Kanyakan Sukunthamala; Naowarat Kunyanone; Sririchai Sittiprasert; Khanungnit Thungkham; Sumeth Junorse; Khachonsilp Pongsawatkul; Wisut Pattanaporn; Chantip Jitwong; Torpong Sanguansermsri