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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Temperature scaling of ferroelectric hysteresis in hard lead zirconate titanate bulk ceramicYimnirun R.; Ngamjarurojana A.; Wongmaneerung R.; Wongsaenmai S.; Ananta S.; Laosiritaworn Y.
2007Effect of Ba-substitution on the structure and properties of Pb 0.8Ba0.2[(In1/2Nb1/2) 1-xTix]O3 ceramicsWongsaenmai S.; Qu W.; Ananta S.; Yimnirun R.; Tan X.
2007Effect of calcination conditions on phase formation and particle size of lead nickel niobate powders synthesized by using Ni4Nb2O9 precursorKhamman O.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2007Dielectric and ferroelectric properties of lead zirconate titanate-barium titanate ceramics prepared by a modified mixed-oxide methodChaisan W.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.; Cann D.P.
2007Cation, dipole, and spin order in Pb (Fe23 W13) O3 -based magnetoelectric multiferroic compoundsWongmaneerung R.; Tan X.; McCallum R.W.; Ananta S.; Yimnirun R.
2007Effect of calcination conditions on phase formation and particle size of Zn3Nb2O8 powders synthesized by solid-state reactionPrasatkhetragarn A.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2007Carbon encapsulated nickel nanoparticles synthesized by a modified alcohol catalytic chemical vapor deposition methodSingjai P.; Wongwigkarn K.; Laosiritaworn Y.; Yimnirun R.; Maensiri S.
2007Giant dielectric behaviour of CaCu3Ti4O12 subjected to post-sintering annealing and uniaxial stressThongbai P.; Masingboon C.; Maensiri S.; Yamwong T.; Wongsaenmai S.; Yimnirun R.
2007Effects of calcination conditions on phase and morphology evolution of lead zirconate powders synthesized by solid-state reactionChaisan W.; Khamman O.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.
2008Potential of vibro-milling technique for preparation of electroceramic nanopowdersWongmaneerung R.; Chaisan W.; Khamman O.; Yimnirun R.; Ananta S.