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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2012Multifidus muscle size and symmetry among elite weightliftersSitilertpisan,P.; Hides,J.A.; Stanton,W.R.; Paungmali,A.; Pirunsan,U.
1-Jan-2012Why does older adults' balance become less stable when walking and performing a secondary task? Examination of attentional switching abilitiesHawkes,T.D.; Siu,K.; Silsupadol,P.; Woollacott,M.H.
25-Jan-2012Long-term effect of phytoestrogens from Curcuma comosa Roxb. on vascular relaxation in ovariectomized ratsIntapad,S.; Saengsirisuwan,V.; Prasannarong,M.; Chuncharunee,A.; Suvitayawat,W.; Chokchaisiri,R.; Suksamrarn,A.; Piyachaturawat,P.
1-Jun-2012Calorie restriction prevents the development of insulin resistance and impaired insulin signaling in skeletal muscle of ovariectomized ratsPrasannarong,M.; Vichaiwong,K.; Saengsirisuwan,V.
30-Mar-2012Improvements of insulin resistance in ovariectomized rats by a novel phytoestrogen from Curcuma comosa RoxbPrasannarong,M.; Saengsirisuwan,V.; Piyachaturawat,P.; Suksamrarn,A.
1-Aug-2011Effects of pilates training on lumbo-pelvic stability and flexibilityPhrompaet,S.; Paungmali,A.; Pirunsan,U.; Sitilertpisan,P.
1-Jun-2012Percutaneous cerclage wiring for reduction of periprosthetic and difficult femoral fractures. A technical noteApivatthakakul,T.; Phornphutkul,C.
1-Jul-2012Importance of Ethnic Base Standard References for the Diagnosis of Osteoporosis in Thai WomenNamwongprom S.; Namwongprom S.; Rojnastein S.; Mangklabruks A.; Soontrapa S.; Wongboontan C.; Ongphiphadhanakul B.
30-Apr-2012Differential detection of Trichinella papuae, T. spiralis and T. pseudospiralis by real-time fluorescence resonance energy transfer PCR and melting curve analysisTantrawatpan,C.; Intapan,P.M.; Thanchomnang,T.; Lulitanond,V.; Boonmars,T.; Wu,Z.; Morakote,N.; Maleewong,W.
2556อุปสรรคในการให้บริการการแพทย์ฉุกเฉินสำหรับผู้บาดเจ็บโรงพยาบาลลำปาง = Barriers of providing emergency medical services for trauma persons at Lampang hospital / เกศรา กาวงศ์เกศรา กาวงศ์