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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2021A relaxed projection method using a new linesearch for the split feasibility problemSuthep Suantai; Suparat Kesornprom; Nattawut Pholasa; Yeol Je Cho; Prasit Cholamjiak
1-Jun-2021A parallel monotone hybrid algorithm for a finite family of G- nonexpansive mappings in Hilbert spaces endowed with a graph applicable in signal recoverySuthep Suantai; Kunrada Kankam; Prasit Cholamjiak; Watcharaporn Cholamjiak
1-Jan-2021Stability and convergence analysis of hybrid algorithms for berinde contraction mappings and its applicationsRaweerote Suparatulatorn; Suthep Suantai
1-Dec-2021Novel forward–backward algorithms for optimization and applications to compressive sensing and image inpaintingSuthep Suantai; Muhammad Aslam Noor; Kunrada Kankam; Prasit Cholamjiak
1-Dec-2021Solving common nonmonotone equilibrium problems using an inertial parallel hybrid algorithm with Armijo line search with applications to image recoverySuthep Suantai; Damrongsak Yambangwai; Watcharaporn Cholamjiak
1-Jan-2021Inertial s-iteration forward-backward algorithm for a family of nonexpansive operators with applications to image restoration problemsLimpapat Bussaban; Attapol Kaewkhao; Suthep Suantai
1-Jan-2021Strong convergence theorems for common attractive points of widely more generalized hybrid mappings in hilbert spacesPanadda Thongpaen; Suthep Suantai; Warunun Inthakon
1-Jan-2021Existence of fixed points of weak enriched nonexpansive mappings in banach spacesSuthep Suantai; Dawan Chumpungam; Panitarn Sarnmeta
1-Jan-2021Algorithms for common best proximity points of the global minimization problem in Hilbert spacesJenwit Puangpee; Suthep Suantai
1-Jul-2021A new forward–backward algorithm with line search and inertial techniques for convex minimization problems with applicationsDawan Chumpungam; Panitarn Sarnmeta; Suthep Suantai