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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2020A simultaneous stochastic frontier model with dependent error components and dependent composite errors: An application to chinese banking industryJianxu Liu; Mengjiao Wang; Ji Ma; Sanzidur Rahman; Songsak Sriboonchitta
1-Jan-2020Analyzing the causality and dependence between gold shocks and asian emerging stock markets: A smooth transition copula approachWoraphon Yamaka; Paravee Maneejuk
1-Mar-2020Quantum codes from skew constacyclic codes over the ring F<inf>q</inf>[u,v]∕〈u<sup>2</sup>−1,v<sup>2</sup>−1,uv−vu〉Tushar Bag; Hai Q. Dinh; Ashish K. Upadhyay; Ramakrishna Bandi; Woraphon Yamaka
1-Feb-2020A parallel-viscosity-type subgradient extragradient-line method for finding the common solution of variational inequality problems applied to image restoration problemsSuthep Suantai; Pronpat Peeyada; Damrongsak Yambangwai; Watcharaporn Cholamjiak
1-Mar-2020New Non-Binary Quantum Codes from Cyclic Codes over Product RingsTushar Bag; Hai Q. DInh; Ashish Kumar Upadhyay; Woraphon Yamaka
1-Jan-2020Hybrid inertial accelerated algorithms for split fixed point problems of demicontractive mappings and equilibrium problemsAdisak Hanjing; Suthep Suantai
11-Mar-2020Diametrically Regular Mappings and Browder’s Theorem Without the Endpoint ConditionB. Panyanak; S. Suantai
1-Jan-2020Left regular representation of gyrogroupsTeerapong Suksumran
1-Feb-2020Complete regularity of paratopological gyrogroupsWatchareepan Atiponrat; Rasimate Maungchang
1-Aug-2020On constacyclic codes of length p<sup>s</sup> over F<inf>p<sup>m</sup></inf>[u,v]∕〈u<sup>2</sup>,v<sup>2</sup>,uv−vu〉Hai Q. Dinh; Pramod Kumar Kewat; Sarika Kushwaha; Woraphon Yamaka