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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Feb-2011Approximation of common fixed points of two quasi-nonexpansive multi-valued maps in Banach spacesWatcharaporn Cholamjiak; Suthep Suantai
1-Jan-2010A new approximation method for common fixed points of a finite family of asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappings in Banach spacesAtichart Kettapun; Amnuay Kananthai; Suthep Suantai
1-Aug-2010Convergence theorems from monotone hybrid methods for an infinitely countable family of Lipschitz asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappingsWatcharaporn Cholamjiak; Suthep Suantai
1-Aug-2010Strong convergence of a new iterative scheme for a finite family of strict pseudo-contractionsAtid Kangtunyakarn; Suthep Suantai
1-Oct-2010Weak and strong convergence theorems for a finite family of generalized asymptotically quasi-nonexpansive mappingsWatcharaporn Cholamjiak; Suthep Suantai
1-Jan-2019Generalized self-adaptive algorithm for solving split common fixed point problem and its application to image restoration problemRaweerote Suparatulatorn; Anchalee Khemphet; Phakdi Charoensawan; Suthep Suantai; Narawadee Phudolsitthiphat
1-Apr-2022The Modified Viscosity Approximation Method with Inertial Technique and Forward–Backward Algorithm for Convex Optimization ModelAdisak Hanjing; Limpapat Bussaban; Suthep Suantai
1-Jun-2022Parallel Hybrid Algorithms for a Finite Family of G-Nonexpansive Mappings and Its Application in a Novel Signal RecoverySuthep Suantai; Kunrada Kankam; Watcharaporn Cholamjiak; Watcharaporn Yajai
1-Mar-2020A new algorithm for split variational inclusion and fixed point problems in Banach spacesJenwit Puangpee; Suthep Suantai