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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
8Study of three interesting Amanita species from Thailand: Morphology, multiple-gene phylogeny and toxin analysisThongbai B.; Miller S.; Stadler M.; Wittstein K.; Hyde K.; Lumyong S.; Raspé O.
2Succession and Natural Occurrence of Saprobic Fungi on Leaves of Magnolia liliifera in a Tropical ForestPromputtha I.; McKenzie E.; Tennakoon D.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.
1-Apr-2016Pulveroboletus fragrans, a new Boletaceae species from Northern Thailand, with a remarkable aromatic odorRaspé O.; Vadthanarat S.; De Kesel A.; Degreef J.; Hyde K.; Lumyong S.
-Evaluation of Muscodor cinnamomi as an egg biofumigant for the reduction of microorganisms on eggshell surfaces and its effect on egg qualitySuwannarach N.; Kaewyana C.; Yodmeeklin A.; Kumla J.; Matsui K.; Lumyong S.
1-Jan-2017Comparative evaluation of phytochemicals, and antidiabetic and antioxidant activities of Cuscuta reflexa grown on different hosts in Northern ThailandTanruean K.; Kaewnarin K.; Suwannarach N.; Lumyong S.
1-Dec-2016Phenolic profile of various wild edible mushroom extracts from Thailand and their antioxidant properties, anti-tyrosinase and hyperglycaemic inhibitory activitiesKaewnarin K.; Suwannarach N.; Kumla J.; Lumyong S.
1-Oct-2016Streptomyces palmae sp. nov., isolated from oil palm (Elaeis Guineensis) rhizosphere soilSujarit K.; Kudo T.; Ohkuma M.; Pathom-Aree W.; Lumyong S.
1-Jan-2012A novel ascosporogenous yeast species, Zygosaccharomyces siamensis, and the sugar tolerant yeasts associated with raw honey collected in ThailandSaksinchai S.; Suzuki M.; Chantawannakul P.; Ohkuma M.; Lumyong S.
7Effective enhancement of polylactic acid-degrading enzyme production by Amycolatopsis sp. strain SCM_MK2-4 using statistical and one-factor-at-a-time approachesPenkhrue W.; Kanpiengjai A.; Khanongnuch C.; Masaki K.; Pathom-Aree W.; Punyodom W.; Lumyong S.
1-Jul-2016First report of sour rot on tomato caused by Galactomyces reessii in ThailandSuwannarach N.; Kumla J.; Nitiyon S.; Limtong S.; Lumyong S.