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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-Confirmatory factor analysis of the revised version of the Thai multidimensional scale of perceived social support among the elderly with depressionWongpakaran T.; Wongpakaran N.; Sirirak T.; Arunpongpaisal S.; Zimet G.
6Ebola virus disease in children during the 2014–2015 epidemic in Guinea: a nationwide cohort studyChérif M.; Koonrungsesomboon N.; Kassé D.; Cissé S.; Diallo S.; Chérif F.; Camara F.; Koné A.; Avenido E.; Diakité M.; Diallo M.; Le Gall E.; Cissé M.; Karbwang J.; Hirayama K.
2Combined high-dose rate brachytherapy (HDR-BT) and whole pelvic radiation therapy (WPRT) in node negative, intermediate- to high-risk localised prostate cancer: Clinical outcomes and patient behaviours across ethnicitiesPanichevaluk A.; Akarasakul D.; Pongpirul K.; Tharavichitkul E.; Galalae R.
6A randomized comparison between costoclavicular and paracoracoid ultrasound-guided infraclavicular block for upper limb surgeryLeurcharusmee P.; Elgueta M.; Tiyaprasertkul W.; Sotthisopha T.; Samerchua A.; Gordon A.; Aliste J.; Finlayson R.; Tran D.
6Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of salmonella isolates from chicken carcasses in retail markets in yangon, myanmarMoe A.; Paulsen P.; Pichpol D.; Fries R.; Irsigler H.; Baumann M.; Oo K.
6Hyperuricaemia and risk of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease: A meta-analysisWijarnpreecha K.; Panjawatanan P.; Lekuthai N.; Thongprayoon C.; Cheungpasitporn W.; Ungprasert P.
-Activation of melatonin receptor (MT1/2) promotes P-gp transporter in methamphetamine-induced toxicity on primary rat brain microvascular endothelial cellsJumnongprakhon P.; Sivasinprasasn S.; Govitrapong P.; Tocharus C.; Tocharus J.
2Weed Diversity and Uses: a Case Study from Tea Plantations in Northern ThailandSrithi K.; Balslev H.; Tanming W.; Trisonthi C.
2Succession and Natural Occurrence of Saprobic Fungi on Leaves of Magnolia liliifera in a Tropical ForestPromputtha I.; McKenzie E.; Tennakoon D.; Lumyong S.; Hyde K.
2Identifying the essential components of cultural competence in a Chinese nursing context: A qualitative studyCai D.; Kunaviktikul W.; Klunklin A.; Sripusanapan A.; Avant P.