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Title: Influence of B2O3 on electrical properties and phase transition of lead-free Ba(Ti0.9Sn0.1)O3 ceramics
Authors: Tawichai N.
Intatha U.
Eitssayeam S.
Pengpat K.
Rujijanagul G.
Tunkasiri T.
Issue Date: 1-Jan-2010
Abstract: The phase transition and electrical properties of Ba(Ti 0.9 Sn 0.1 )O 3 ceramics with B 2 O 3 aded were investigated to explore the effect of B 2 O 3 addition on enhanced densification and dielectric constant of these ceramics. With increasing B 2 O 3 content, a linear reduction of ferroelectric to paraelectric transition temperature was observed. In addition, higher B 2 O 3 concentraions enhanced a ferroelectric relaxor behavior in the ceramic. Changes in this behavior were related to densification, second-phase formation and compositional variation of the ceramics.
ISSN: 01411594
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