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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2011Financial burden of gynecologic-cancer survivors associated with attendance in a surveillance program at a tertiary care hospital in ThailandSuprasert,P.; Manopunya,M.
1-Dec-2011Reliability and validity of the Multidimensional Scale of Perceived Social Support (MSPSS): Thai versionWongpakaran,T.; Wongpakaran,N.; Ruktrakul,R.
1-Dec-2011"See and treat" approach is appropriate in women with high-grade lesions on either cervical cytology or colposcopyAue-Aungkul,A.; Punyawatanasin,S.; Natprathan,A.; Srisomboon,J.; Kietpeerakool,C.
1-Dec-2011Relationships between serum biomarker levels and clinical presentation of human osteosarcomasLimmahakhun,S.; Pothacharoen,P.; Theera-Umpon,N.; Arpornchayanon,O.; Leerapun,T.; Luevitoonvechkij,S.; Pruksakorn,D.
1-Dec-2011Survival and prognostic factors comparing stage IB 1 versus stage IB 2 cervical cancer treated with primary radical hysterectomySrisomboon,J.; Kietpeerakool,C.; Suprasert,P.; Manopanya,M.; Siriaree,S.; Charoenkwan,K.; Cheewakriangkrai,C.; Sae-Teng,C.T.
1-Dec-2011Human papillomavirus vaccination intention among young women in ThailandJuntasopeepun,P.; Davidson,P.M.; Suwan,N.; Phianmongkhol,Y.; Srisomboon,J.
1-Dec-2012Houttuynia cordata thunb fraction induces human leukemic molt-4 cell apoptosis through the endoplasmic reticulum stress pathwayPrommaban,A.; Kodchakorn,K.; Kongtawelert,P.; Banjerdpongchai,R.
1-Dec-2012Prevalence of depression and its correlations: A cross-sectional study in thai cancer patientsManeeton,B.; Maneeton,N.; Mahathep,P.
1-Dec-2012A Short version of the revised 'experience of close relationships questionnaire': Investigating Non-clinical and clinical samplesWongpakaran,T.; Wongpakaran,N.
1-Jan-2014Histopathological outcomes of women with abnormal cervical cytology: A review of literature in ThailandKietpeerakool,C.; Tangjitgamol,S.; Srisomboon,J.