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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
-A DFT study of volatile organic compounds adsorption on transition metal deposited grapheneKunaseth M.; Poldorn P.; Junkeaw A.; Meeprasert J.; Rungnim C.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Inntam C.; Jungsuttiwong S.
1-Jan-2017Combined experimental and theoretical investigation on Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer of dye loaded on LTL zeoliteInsuwan W.; Rangsriwatananon K.; Meeprasert J.; Namuangruk S.; Surakhot Y.; Kungwan N.; Jungsuttiwong S.
1-Jan-2017Mechanistic study of NO oxidation on Cr-phthalocyanine: theoretical insightJunkaew A.; Meeprasert J.; Jansang B.; Kungwan N.; Namuangruk S.
1-Apr-2016How strong is the edge effect in the adsorption of anticancer drugs on a graphene cluster?Rungnim C.; Chanajaree R.; Rungrotmongkol T.; Hannongbua S.; Kungwan N.; Wolschann P.; Karpfen A.; Parasuk V.
30-Mar-2016A DFT study of arsine adsorption on palladium doped graphene: Effects of palladium cluster sizeKunaseth M.; Mudchimo T.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Promarak V.; Jungsuttiwong S.
1-Jan-2016Effect of D168V mutation in NS3/4A HCV protease on susceptibilities of faldaprevir and danoprevirMeeprasert A.; Hannongbua S.; Kungwan N.; Rungrotmongkol T.
-Reaction and free-energy pathways of hydrogen activation on partially promoted metal edge of CoMoS and NiMoS: A DFT and thermodynamics studySattayanon C.; Namuangruk S.; Kungwan N.; Kunaseth M.
-Theoretical study on influence of geometry controlling over the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer of 10-hydroxybenzo[h]quinoline and its derivativesChansen W.; Salaeh R.; Prommin C.; Kerdpol K.; Daengngern R.; Kungwan N.
-Heteroatom effect on photophysical properties of 2-(2′-hydroxyphenyl)benzimidazole and its derivatives as fluorescent dyes: A TD-DFT studyManojai N.; Daengngern R.; Kerdpol K.; Ngaojampa C.; Kungwan N.
7Electrochemical Detection of Human Interleukin-15 using a Graphene Oxide-Modified Screen-Printed Carbon ElectrodeNorfun P.; Suree N.; Kungwan N.; Punyodom W.; Jakmunee J.; Ounnunkad K.