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Title: The variations of body mass index and body fat in adult Thai people across the age spectrum measured by bioelectrical impedance analysis
Authors: Chittawatanarat K.
Pruenglampoo S.
Kongsawasdi S.
Chuatrakoon B.
Trakulhoon V.
Ungpinitpong W.
Patumanond J.
Issue Date: 2011
Abstract: The measurements of body mass index (BMI) and percentage of body fat are used in many clinical situations. However, special tools are required to measure body fat. Many formulas are proposed for estimation but these use constant coefficients of age. Age spectrum might affect the predicted value of the body composition due to body component alterations, and the coefficient of age for body fat prediction might produce inconsistent results. The objective of this study was to identify variations of BMI and body fat across the age spectrum as well as compare results between BMI predicted body fat and bioelectrical impedance results on age.
ISSN: 1178-1998
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