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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Mar-2012Antimicrobial activity of ZnO-doxycycline hyclate thermosensitive gelPhaechamud,T.; Mahadlek,J.; Aroonrerk,N.; Choopun,S.; Charoenteeraboon,J.
1-Sep-2012Effect of the SiO2/Al2O3 ratio on the synthesis of Na-x zeolite from Mae Moh fly ashThuadaij P.; Nuntiya A.
1-Sep-2012Fire and the production of Astraeus odoratus (Basidiomycetes) sporocarps in deciduous dipterocarp-oak forests of northern ThailandKennedy K.; Maxwell J.; Lumyong S.
1-Sep-2012Diphenylmaleimide derivatives and their efficiency in off-on Hg2 fluorometric sensingWainiphithapong,C.; Hanmeng,O.; Lee,V.S.; Grudpan,K.; Wanichacheva,N.
1-Oct-2012Synthesis of high cation exchange capacity faujasite from high calcium fly ashThuadaij P.; Pimraksa K.; Nuntiya A.
1-Dec-2012Brima, total acidity and total soluble solids correlate to total carotenoid content as indicators of the ripening process of six thai mango fruit cultivarsWongkhot A.; Rattanapanone N.; Rattanapanone N.; Chanasut U.; Chanasut U.
1-Dec-2011Culture condition, inoculum production and host response of a wild mushroom, phlebopus portentosus strain CMUHH121-005Thongklang,N.; Hyde,K.D.; Bussaban,B.; Lumyong,S.
1-Jan-2012Chitinase production and antifungal potential of endophytic Streptomyces strain P4Tang-um,J.; Niamsup,H.
1-Dec-2012Adhesion and utilization of native starch granules by Lactobacillus amylovorusRatithammatorn,T.; Thongwai,N.; Yotsawimonwat,S.; Sirithunyalug,B.; Sirithunyalug,J.
1-Jul-2012Characterization and comparative study of polyphenol oxidases from four cultivars of Thai Solanum melogena fruitsChanasut U.; Rattanapanone N.; Rattanapanone N.