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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008The impact of pre-existing heart failure on pneumonia prognosis: Population-based cohort studyThomsen R.W.; Kasatpibal N.; Riis A.; Norgaard M.; Sorensen H.T.
2005Extra charge and extra length of postoperative stay attributable to surgical site infection in six selected operationsKasatpibal N.; Thongpiyapoom S.; Narong M.N.; Suwalak N.; Jamulitrat S.
2012Developing a web site for human immunodeficiency virus prevention in a middle income country: A pilot study from ThailandKasatpibal N.; Viseskul N.; Srikantha W.; Fongkaew W.; Surapagdee N.; Grimes R.M.
2013Prognostic impact of histology in patients with cervical squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma and small cell neuroendocrine carcinomaIntaraphet S.; Kasatpibal N.; Siriaunkgul S.; Sogaard M.; Patumanond J.; Khunamornpong S.; Chandacham A.; Suprasert P.
2012Development of a simplified diagnostic indicators scoring system and validation for peptic ulcer perforation in a developing countrySuriya C.; Kasatpibal N.; Kunaviktikul W.; Kayee T.
2006Risk of surgical site infection and efficacy of antibiotic prophylaxis: A cohort study of appendectomy patients in ThailandKasatpibal N.; Norgaard M.; Sorensen H.T.; Schonheyder H.C.; Jamulitrat S.; Chongsuvivatwong V.
2003Surgical site infections in patients undergoing major operations in a university hospital: Using standardized infection ratio as a benchmarking toolNarong M.N.; Thongpiyapoom S.; Thaikul N.; Jamulitrat S.; Kasatpibal N.
2012Implementation of the world health organization surgical safety checklist at a university hospital in ThailandKasatpibal N.; Senaratana W.; Chitreecheur J.; Chotirosniramit N.; Pakvipas P.; Junthasopeepun P.
2009Safe Surgery Implementation in ThailandKasatpibal N.
2011Diagnostic indicators for peptic ulcer perforation at a tertiary care hospital in ThailandSuriya C.; Kasatpibal N.; Kunaviktikul W.; Kayee T.