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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2002A dominantly inherited malformation syndrome with short stature, upper limb anomaly, minor craniofacial anomalies, and absence of TBX5 mutations: Report of a Thai familyKantaputra P.N.; Yamasaki K.; Ishida T.; Kishino T.; Niikawa N.
2005A newly recognized syndrome involving limbs, pelvis, and genital organs or a variant of Al-Awadi/Raas-Rothschild syndrome?Kantaputra P.N.; Tanpaiboon P.
2006A newly recognized polyosteolysis/hyperostosis syndromeKantaputra P.N.; Limwongse C.; Koolvisoot A.; Ausawamongkolkul A.; Tayavitit S.
2002Van der Woude syndrome with sensorineural hearing loss, large craniofacial sinuses, dental pulp stones, and minor limb anomalies: Report of a four-generation Thai familyKantaputra P.N.; Sumitsawan Y.; Schutte B.C.; Tochareontanaphol C.
2001Cryptophthalmos, dental and oral abnormalities, and brachymesophalangy of second toes: New syndrome or Fraser syndrome?Kantaputra P.N.; Eiumtrakul P.; Matin T.; Opastirakul S.; Visrutaratna P.; Mevate U.
2001Laurin-Sandrow syndrome with additional associated manifestationsKantaputra P.N.
2007Children's attitudes toward behavior management techniques used by dentistsKantaputra P.N.; Chiewcharnvalijkit M.S.K.; Wairatpanich K.; Malikaew P.; Aramrattana A.
2003A new syndrome of symphalangism, multiple frenula, postaxial polydactyly, dysplastic ears, dental anomalies, and exclusion of NOG and GDF5Kantaputra P.N.; Pongprot Y.; Praditsap O.; Pho-iam T.; Limwongse C.
2001Digitotalar dysmorphism with craniofacial and other new associated abnormalitiesKantaputra P.N.; Chalidapong P.; Visrutaratna P.
2002Apparently new osteodysplastic and primordial short stature with severe microdontia, opalescent teeth, and rootless molars in two siblingsKantaputra P.N.