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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2012Mitochondrial calcium uniporter blocker prevents cardiac mitochondrial dysfunction induced by iron overload in thalassemic miceKumfu S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn S.; Fucharoen S.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn N.
2011Effect of rosiglitazone on cardiac electrophysiology, infarct size and mitochondrial function in ischaemia and reperfusion of swine and rat heartPalee S.; Weerateerangkul P.; Surinkeaw S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
2014Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor reduces infarct size and preserves cardiac function via mitochondrial protection in ischaemia-reperfusion rat heartChinda K.; Sanit J.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
2007Tabernaemontana divaricata extract inhibits neuronal acetylcholinesterase activity in ratsChattipakorn S.; Pongpanparadorn A.; Pratchayasakul W.; Pongchaidacha A.; Ingkaninan K.; Chattipakorn N.
2014Combined vildagliptin and metformin exert better cardioprotection than monotherapy against ischemia-reperfusion injury in obese-insulin resistant ratsApaijai N.; Chinda K.; Palee S.; Chattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.
2014Phosphodiesterase-3 inhibitor (cilostazol) attenuates oxidative stress-induced mitochondrial dysfunction in the heartChattipakorn S.C.; Thummasorn S.; Sanit J.; Chattipakorn N.
2014Estrogen restores brain insulin sensitivity in ovariectomized non-obese rats, but not in ovariectomized obese ratsPratchayasakul W.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.C.
2014Combined therapy of iron chelator and antioxidant completely restores brain dysfunction induced by iron toxicitySripetchwandee J.; Pipatpiboon N.; Chattipakorn N.; Chattipakorn S.
2005Comparison of Fos expression within the ferret's spinal trigeminal nuclear complex evoked by electrical or noxious-thermal pulpal stimulationChattipakorn S.; Chattipakorn N.; Light A.R.; Narhi M.; Maixner W.
2009Pathways of iron uptake into cardiomyocytesKumfu S.; Chattipakorn S.; Fucharoen S.; Chattipakorn N.