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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2011Suitable growth conditions and nutrition factors on in vitro culture of Phlebopus portentosus (Boletales)Kumla J.; Danell E.; Bussaban B.; Lumyong S.
2011Influence of seasonality on the occurrence of myxomycetesKo T.W.K.; Stephenson S.L.; Hyde K.D.; Lumyong S.
2006Anti-inflammatory effects of 4-arylcoumarins in LPS-induced murine macrophage RAW 264.7 cellsTaechowisan T.; Lu C.; Shen Y.; Lumyong S.
2006Efficacy of xylanase supplementation produced from Thermoascus aurantiacus SL16W in diet on Thai native chicken performanceKongbuntad W.; Khanongnuch C.; Lumyong S.
2006Cloning of D-glucose dehydrogenase with a narrow substrate specificity from Bacillus thuringiensis M15Boontim N.; Yoshimune K.; Lumyong S.; Moriguchi M.
2007Diazotroph endophytic bacteria in cultivated and wild rice in ThailandKoomnok C.; Teaumroong N.; Rerkasem B.; Lumyong S.
2007Antimicrobial activity of bioactive compounds from Periconia siamensis CMUGE015Bhilabutra W.; Techowisan T.; Peberdy J.F.; Lumyong S.
2007Morphological and molecular characterization of Aquaticheirospora and phylogenetics of Massarinaceae (Pleosporales)Kodsueb R.; Lumyong S.; Ho W.H.; Hyde K.D.; Mckenzie E.H.C.; Jeewon R.
2007Zygosporium bioblitzi sp. nov. on dead leaves of Cortaderia and DracaenaMcKenzie E.H.C.; Thongkantha S.; Lumyong S.
2002Fungal succession on senescent leaves of Manglietia garrettii in Doi Suthep-Pui National Park, northern ThailandPromputtha I.; Lumyong S.; Lumyong P.; McKenzie E.H.C.; Hyde K.D.