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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-May-2012Application of frequency domain experiments in the factor screening of production systemsMinsan,W.
1-Feb-2012Limit of sensitivity for melting curve screening for α-thalassemiaSriiam,S.; Leecharoenkiat,A.; Lithanatudom,P.; Munkongdee,T.; Svasti,S.L.; Smith,D.R.
3-Dec-2012Extracellular amylase activity from endophytic streptomyces griseoflavus P4Tang-um J.; Niamsup H.
1-Apr-2011Comparison of in-house HIV-1 genotypic drug resistant test with commercial HIV-1 genotypic test kitPraparattanapan,J.; Tragoolpua,Y.; Wongtrakul,J.; Kotarathitithum,W.; Chaiwarith,R.; Nuntachit,N.; Sirisanthana,T.; Supparatpinyo,K.
1-Dec-2012Long-term outcome of nevirapine or efavirenz based antiretroviral regimens in mothers exposed to single dose nevirapineSripan,P.; Ngo-Giang-Huong,N.; Traisathit,P.; Chutanunta,A.; Luekamlung,N.; Lertkoonalak,R.; Buranawanitchakorn,Y.; Banchongkit,S.; Cressey,T.R.; Le Cœur,S.; Lallemant,M.J.; Jourdain,G.
1-Dec-2012Microstructures in pyrope garnets from ThailandPhichaikamjornwut,B.; Skogby,H.; Ounchanum,P.; Limtrakun,P.; Boonsoong,A.
3-Dec-2012Anti-gastric ulcer and acute oral toxicity of aqueous extract of turbinaria conoides from the gulf of ThailandBoonchum W.; Vacharapiyasophon P.; Kanjanapothi D.; Pekkoh J.; Amornlerdpison D.; Pumas C.; Peerapornpisal Y.
3-Dec-2012Effect of carburizing via current heating technique on the near-surface microstructure of AISI 1020 steelBoonruang C.; Kumpangkeaw W.; Sopunna K.; Chomsaeng N.; Narksitipan S.
1-Jan-2014Antioxidant activity, phenolic compound content and phytochemical constituents of eclipta prostrate (linn.) linnPukumpuang,W.; Chansakaow,S.; Tragoolpua,Y.
1-Jan-2014Effects of different culture media, carbon and nitrogen sources and solid substrates on growth of Termitomyces mushroomsWiriya,J.; Kavinlertvatana,P.; Lumyong,S.