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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jun-2021Effect of daily environment and season in a tropical environment on the expression of heat shock protein, and steroidogenic and apoptotic genes in bovine cumulus-oocyte complexS. Kanwichai; S. Panasophonkul; J. K. Bernard; W. Suriyasathaporn
30-Sep-2020Effects of on-farm supplemental feeding of probiotic Bacillus subtilis on milk production in lactating dairy cows under tropical conditionsW. Choonkham; J. T. Schonewille; J. K. Bernard; W. Suriyasathaporn
1-Sep-2006Higher somatic cell counts resulted in higher malondialdehyde concentrations in raw cows' milkW. Suriyasathaporn; U. Vinitketkumnuen; T. Chewonarin; S. Boonyayatra; K. Kreausukon; Y. H. Schukken
1-Jan-2019In vitro maturation of class I oocytes of bovine during different tropical seasonsS. Kanwichai; S. Panasophonkul; P. L.A.M. Vos; W. Suriyasathaporn
1-Sep-2012Increases of antibiotic resistance in excessive use of antibiotics in smallholder dairy farms in northern thailandW. Suriyasathaporn; V. Chupia; T. Sing-Lah; K. Wongsawan; R. Mektrirat; W. Chaisri
1-Dec-2018Isolation and screening of aflatoxin-detoxifying yeast and bacteria from ruminal fluids to reduce aflatoxin B<inf>1</inf> contamination in dairy cattle feedM. Intanoo; M. B. Kongkeitkajorn; V. Pattarajinda; J. K. Bernard; T. R. Callaway; W. Suriyasathaporn; Y. Phasuk
1-Jan-2006Modification of microclimate to improve milk production in tropical rainforest of ThailandW. Suriyasathaporn; S. Boonyayatra; K. Kreausukon; T. Pinyopummintr; C. Heuer
1-Apr-2020Molecular epidemiology of Streptococcus uberis intramammary infections: Persistent and transient patterns of infection in a dairy herdK. Leelahapongsathon; Y. H. Schukken; A. Srithanasuwan; W. Suriyasathaporn
1-Mar-2009P10 Prevalence of Vancomycin-resistant Enterococci (VRE) in companion dogs and cats in ThailandK. Siriwattanachai; T. Chalermchaikit; N. Lertworapreecha; S. Angkititrakul; W. Suriyasathaporn