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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Epidemiology of cercarial stage of trematodes in freshwater snails from Chiang Mai province, ThailandThapana Chontananarth; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Jun-2019Is species identification of Echinostoma revolutum using mitochondrial DNA barcoding feasible with high-resolution melting analysis?Kittisak Buddhachat; Thapana Chontananarth
1-Oct-2020Modified Riceberry rice extract suppresses melanogenesis-associated cell differentiation through tyrosinase-mediated MITF downregulation on B16 cells and in vivo zebrafish embryosTeerapat Rodboon; Sasithorn Sirilun; Seiji Okada; Ryusho Kariya; Thapana Chontananarth; Prasit Suwannalert
1-Apr-2020Molecular classification of rumen fluke eggs in fecal specimens from Suphanburi Province, Thailand, based on cytochrome C oxidase subunit 1Sothorn Anucherngchai; Thapana Chontananarth; Thanawan Tejangkura; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Jan-2017Molecular confirmation of trematodes in the snail intermediate hosts from Ratchaburi Province, ThailandSothorn Anucherngchai; Thanawan Tejangkura; Thapana Chontananarth
1-Jan-2014Molecular phylogeny of trematodes in Family Heterophyidae based on mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase subunit I (mCOI)Thapana Chontananarth; Chalobol Wongsawad; Siriwadee Chomdej; Duangduen Krailas; Jong Yil Chai
2014Occurrence of helminths infection in norway rats (rattus norvegicus) from mueang district, chiang mai provinceChalobol Wongsawad; Thapana Chontananarth; Pheravut Wongsawad; Nontawan Choovattanapakorn
1-Jan-2017The pleurophocercous cercariae infection in snail Family Thiaridae Grey, 1847 Northern, ThailandThapana Chontananarth; Chalobol Wongsawad
1-Aug-2017Prevalence of centrocestus formosanus metacercariae in ornamental fish from Chiang Mai, Thailand, with molecular approach using ITS2Atcharaphan Wanlop; Chalobol Wongsawad; Pongphol Prattapong; Pheravut Wongsawad; Thapana Chontananarth; Jong Yil Chai
1-Dec-2010Prevalence of Haplorchis taichui in field-collected snails: A molecular approachThapana Chontananarth; Chalobol Wongsawad