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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2013Changes in the serum cartilage biomarker levels of healthy adults in response to an uphill walkDumnoensun Pruksakorn; Premchai Tirankgura; Sirichai Luevitoonvechkij; Samatchai Chamnongkich; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Taninnit Leerapun; Peraphan Pothacharoen
1-Oct-2008Effectiveness of intravenous bisphosphonate in treatment of giant cell tumor: A case report and review of the literatureOlarn Arpornchayanon; Taninnit Leerapun
1-Jan-2022Efficacy and safety of ultrasound-guided caudal epidural steroid injection in patients with low back pain and sciaticaKasisin Klunklin; Apiruk Sangsin; Taninnit Leerapun
1-May-2013Extraosseous osteosarcoma: A case report and review of the literatureApiruk Sangsin; Nuttaya Pattamapaspong; Jongkolnee Settakorn; Taninnit Leerapun; Dumnoensun Pruksakorn
1-Jan-2014Extraskeletal Chondroma on the Sole of the FootTanawat Vaseenon; Chaiyarit Cheewawattanachai; Nuttaya Pattamapaspong; Jongkolnee Settakorn; Taninnit Leerapun
1-Nov-2017Functional outcome following reconstruction with the thai modular proximal humeral endoprosthesisPiya Kiatisevi; Bhasanan Sukunthanak; Pongsiri Piakong; Dumnoensun Pruksakorn; Taninnit Leerapun; Chris Charoenlap; Kavin Karunratanakul; Marut Wongcumchang; Kriskrai Sitthiseripratip
1-Jul-2013Increasing incidence of hip fracture in Chiang Mai, ThailandPrasit Wongtriratanachai; Sirichai Luevitoonvechkij; Thawee Songpatanasilp; Siripoj Sribunditkul; Taninnit Leerapun; Sompant Phadungkiat; Sattaya Rojanasthien
1-Jan-2018Natural History and Prognostic Factors of Cholangiocarcinoma With Spinal MetastasisApiruk Sangsin; Dew Saiudom; Suthipas Pongmanee; Jirawat Saengsin; Taninnit Leerapun; Hideki Murakami
1-Nov-2006Periosteal chondroma of the proximal humerus: A case report and review of the literatureSirichai Luevitoonvechkij; Olarn Arphornchayanon; Taninnit Leerapun; Songsak Khunsree
1-Dec-2020Prevalence of asymptomatic radiographic vertebral fracture in postmenopausal Thai womenChatlert Pongchaiyakul; Suranut Charoensri; Taninnit Leerapun; Sunton Wongsiri; Thawee Songpatanasilp; Nimit Taechakraichana
14-Mar-2011Recurrent tibial intra-cortical osteosarcoma: A case report and review of the literatureOlarn Arpornchayanon; Taninnit Leerapun; Chate Sivasomboon; Jongkolnee Settakorn; Nantawit Sugandhavesa; Dumnoensun Pruksakorn
1-Sep-2013Result of extracorporeal irradiation and re-implantation for malignant bone tumors: A review of 30 patientsOlarn Arpornchayanon; Taninnit Leerapun; Dumnoenson Pruksakorn; Phonthakorn Panichkul
1-Oct-2007Surgical management of conventional grade I chondrosarcoma of long bonesTaninnit Leerapun; Ronald R. Hugate; Carrie Y. Inwards; Sean P. Scully; Franklin H. Sim
1-Dec-2015Survival rate and prognostic factors of conventional osteosarcoma in Northern Thailand: A series from Chiang Mai University HospitalDumnoensun Pruksakorn; Areerak Phanphaisarn; Olarn Arpornchayanon; Nantawat Uttamo; Taninnit Leerapun; Jongkolnee Settakorn