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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
31-May-2022Catalyst Composites of Palladium and N-Doped Carbon Quantum Dots-Decorated Silica and Reduced Graphene Oxide for Enhancement of Direct Formic Acid Fuel CellsSurin Saipanya; Paralee Waenkaew; Suphitsara Maturost; Natthapong Pongpichayakul; Napapha Promsawan; Surasak Kuimalee; Orapim Namsar; Kamolwich Income; Budsabong Kuntalue; Suwaphid Themsirimongkon; Jaroon Jakmunee
1-Jan-2011Isothermal phase transformation sequence in Fe-22wt%Cr-3.2wt%Mo-6.2wt%Ni-0.037wt%C cast duplex stainless steelSurasak Kuimalee; John T H Pearce; Torranin Chairuangsri
1-Jan-2014Microstructure and direct measured micro-strain by TEM of hot iso-static pressed alumina-titanium carbide (Al<inf>2</inf>O<inf>3</inf>-TiC) compositeSineenart Thumsoontorn; Surasak Kuimalee; Budsabong Kuntalue; Suphakit Pintasiri; Boonrat Lohwongwatana
1-Jun-2022A new toxic-free Ti<inf>40</inf>Zr<inf>10</inf>Co<inf>36</inf>Pd<inf>14</inf> metallic glass with good biocompatibility and surface behaviour comparable to Ti-6Al-4VAbdul Azeez Abdu Aliyu; Suparat Udomlertpreecha; Min Medhisuwakul; Chinnapat Panwisawas; Roger Reed; Chedtha Puncreobutr; Jirapon Khamwannah; Surasak Kuimalee; Chetarpa Yipyintum; Boonrat Lohwongwatana
2011Precipitation in 22wt%Cr-0.037wt%C cast duplex stainless steel = การตกตะกอนในเหล็กกล้าไร้สนิมหล่อดูเพล็กซ์ที่ประกอบด้วย โครเมียม 22 เปอร์เซ็นต์โดยมวลและคาร์บอน 0.037 เปอร์เซ็นต์โดยมวล / Surasak KuimaleeSurasak Kuimalee
1-Jul-2010Quantitative analysis of a complex metal carbide formed during furnace cooling of cast duplex stainless steel using EELS and EDS in the TEMSurasak Kuimalee; Torranin Chairuangsri; John T H Pearce; David V. Edmonds; Andrew P. Brown; Rik M D Brydson