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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Sep-2012Characterizations of CI-graphs on cayley digraphs of left and right groupsSayan Panma; Monthiya Ruangnai
2004Characterizations of clifford semigroup digraphs / Sayan PanmaSayan Panma
1-Jan-2016The endomorphism monoids of (n − 3)-regular graphs of order nNirutt Pipattanajinda; Ulrich Knauer; Boyko Gyurov; Sayan Panma; V. Mazorchuk
1-Apr-2018Independent domination number in Cayley digraphs of rectangular groupsNuttawoot Nupo; Sayan Panma
1-Jun-2016Isomorphism Conditions for Cayley Graphs of Rectangular GroupsSayan Panma; John Meksawang
17-Oct-2012On cayley isomorphisms of clifford semigroupsSayan Panma; Srichan Arworn; Saranya Phongchan
19-Nov-2012On Cayley isomorphisms of left and right groupsMonthiya Ruangnai; Sayan Panma; Srichan Arworn
1-Jan-2018On connectedness of cayley graphs of finite transformation semigroupsChunya Tisklang; Sayan Panma
1-Jul-2018On the Independence Number of Cayley Digraphs of Rectangular GroupsSayan Panma; Nuttawoot Nupo
9-May-2018On the semigroup whose elements are subgraphs of a complete graphYanisa Chaiya; Chollawat Pookpienlert; Nuttawoot Nupo; Sayan Panma
2007On transitive cayley graphs of strong semilattice of some completely simple semigroups = สตรองเซมิแลตทิซของคอมพลีตลีซิมเปิลเซมิกรุปบางชนิดที่เคย์เลย์กราฟมีสมบัติถ่ายทอด / Sayan PanmaSayan Panma
1-Jan-2019Parametrization of generalized Heisenberg groupsTeerapong Suksumran; Sayan Panma
1-Dec-2017Partially composed property of generalized lexicographic product graphsNopparat Pleanmani; Boyko Gyurov; Sayan Panma