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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Dec-2009A basic investigation on low-energy ion irradiation effect on lives - Low-energy ion irradiation of naked DNAL. D. Yu; R. Norarat; S. Sarapirom; N. Semsang; C. Ngaojampa; P. Nimmanpipug; V. S. Lee; S. Anuntalabhochai
25-Jul-2011Characterization and antimicrobial properties of fluorine-rich carbon films deposited on poly(lactic acid)D. Boonyawan; S. Sarapirom; S. Tunma; C. Chaiwong; P. Rachtanapun; R. Auras
1-Feb-2012A comparative study on low-energy ion beam and neutralized beam modifications of naked DNA and biological effect on mutationS. Sarapirom; P. Thongkumkoon; K. Prakrajang; S. Anuntalabhochai; L. D. Yu
15-Dec-2015Effect of cold atmospheric pressure He-plasma jet on DNA change and mutationC. Yaopromsiri; L. D. Yu; S. Sarapirom; P. Thopan; D. Boonyawan
25-Nov-2020Effect of dielectric barrier discharge plasma jet on bactericidal and human dermal fibroblasts adult cells: In vitro contaminated wound healing modelP. Poramapijitwat; P. Thana; D. Boonyawan; K. Janpong; C. Kuensaen; W. Charerntantanakul; L. D. Yu; S. Sarapirom
16-Dec-2019The effect of low-pressure plasma treatment on sunflower seed germination and sprouts growth rateR. Lonlua; S. Sarapirom
15-Aug-2014Effect of surface modification of poly(lactic acid) by low-pressure ammonia plasma on adsorption of human serum albuminS. Sarapirom; L. D. Yu; D. Boonyawan; C. Chaiwong
16-Dec-2019The effects of atmospheric plasma jet treatment to the germination and enhancement growth of sunflower seedsJ. Nantapan; S. Sarapirom; K. Janpong
16-Dec-2019The effects of dielectric barrier discharge atmospheric air plasma treatment to germination and enhancement growth of sunflower seedsS. Yawirach; S. Sarapirom; K. Janpong
15-Oct-2020Elemental mapping of plant leaves by MeV glass capillary microbeam PIXES. Wongke; L. D. Yu; S. Natyanun; S. Unai; S. Sarapirom; N. Pussadee; U. Tippawan
15-Dec-2015Low-energy plasma immersion ion implantation to induce DNA transfer into bacterial E. coliK. Sangwijit; L. D. Yu; S. Sarapirom; S. Pitakrattananukool; S. Anuntalabhochai
25-Jan-2021Low-pressure and atmospheric plasma treatments of sunflower seedsS. Sarapirom; L. D. Yu
1-Jun-2010Plasma immersion low-energy-ion bombardment of naked DNAS. Sarapirom; K. Sangwijit; S. Anuntalabhochai; L. D. Yu
25-Aug-2013Plasma polymerization of hexamethyldisiloxane: Investigation of the effect of carrier gas related to the film propertiesC. Chaiwong; P. Rachtanapun; S. Sarapirom; D. Boonyawan
15-Jun-2009Recent development in surface modification of industrial materials by ion beams and plasma at Chiang Mai UniversityL. D. Yu; S. Aukkaravittayapun; D. Boonyawan; S. Sarapirom; T. Vilaithong
11-Nov-2011Vacuum effect on DNA lesion and genetic mutation of cellsS. Sarapirom; P. Thongkumkoon; S. Anuntalabhochai; L. D. Yu
1-Jan-2013Wettability effect of PECVD-SiO<inf>x</inf>films on poly(lactic acid) induced by oxygen plasma on protein adsorption and cell attachmentS. Sarapirom; J. S. Lee; S. B. Jin; D. H. Song; L. D. Yu; J. G. Han; C. Chaiwong