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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1-Jan-2012Campylobacter in chicken carcasses and slaughterhouses in MalaysiaSaira Banu Mohamed Rejab; Karl Hans Zessin; Reinhard Fries; Prapas Patchanee
1-Feb-2012Comparison of Campylobacter contamination levels on chicken carcasses between modern and traditional types of slaughtering facilities in MalaysiaSaira Banu Mohamed Rejab; Karl Hans Zessin; Reinhard Fries; Prapas Patchanee
1-Aug-2010A cross-sectional study of salmonella in pork products in Chiang Mai, ThailandArsooth Sanguankiat; Renu Pinthong; Pawin Padungtod; Maximilian P O Baumann; Karl Hans Zessin; Lertrak Srikitjakarn; Reinhard Fries
1-Sep-2016Food safety perceptions and practices among smallholder pork value chain actors in Hung Yen Province, VietnamSinh Dang-Xuan; Hung Nguyen-Viet; Tongkorn Meeyam; Reinhard Fries; Huong Nguyen-Thanh; Phuc Pham-Duc; Steven Lam; Delia Grace; Fred Unger
1-Nov-2006Microbial contamination of pig carcasses at a slaughterhouse in vientiane capital, LAO PDRPhouth Inthavong; Lertrak Srikitjakarn; Moses Kyule; Karl Hans Zessin; Maximillian Baumann; Bounlom Douangngeun; Reinhard Fries
1-Jun-2017Prevalence and antimicrobial resistance of salmonella isolates from chicken carcasses in retail markets in yangon, myanmarAung Zaw Moe; Peter Paulsen; Duangporn Pichpol; Reinhard Fries; Herlinde Irsigler; Maximilian P.O. Baumann; Kyaw Naing Oo
1-Nov-2008Prevalence of Salmonella in marketed Penaeus monodon shrimps in North Western Province, Sri LankaJ. Kamalika H. Ubeyratne; Josef Kleen; Goetz Hildebrandt; Reinhard Fries; Rutch Khattiya; Pawin Padungtod; Maximilian P.O. Baumann; Karl Hans Zessin
1-Jan-2006Prevalence of Salmonella in retail chicken meat in Hanoi, VietnamLuu Quynh Huong; Reinhard Fries; Pawin Padungtod; Tran Thi Hanh; Moses N. Kyule; Maximilian P.O. Baumann; Karl H. Zessin
1-Sep-2019Susceptibility and multidrug resistance patterns of Escherichia coli isolated from cloacal swabs of live broiler chickens in BangladeshMuha Ajijur Rahman Al Azad; Md Masudur Rahman; Ruhul Amin; Mst Ismat Ara Begum; Reinhard Fries; Asmaul Husna; Ahmed S. Khairalla; A. T.M. Badruzzaman; Mohamed E. El Zowalaty; Kannika Na Lampang; Hossam M. Ashour; Hafez Mohamed Hafez